2008 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

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The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards is an annual award voted on by web cartoonists themselves. The nominations ballots for the 8th annual award cover webcomics active in 2007 and were emailed to pre-registered voters by 7 January 2008 and closed those submissions on 23 January 2008.[1] The nominees were announced on 3 February,[2] and voting on those finalists had commenced on 8 February.

Voting ended on 8 March 2008, and MegaCon had announced that they would host the 2008 awards and that WCCA would present the winners in a live ceremony.[clarification needed].[5] The ceremony was presented by The Committee's Live Presentation Director of Ceremonies, Mark Mekkes,[6] accompanying him was Tim “JT” Shea and Scott Gallatin, which were covering the event for their podcast, The Gigcast, a popular webcomic-themed podcast.[7] The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards had an online ceremony as well. Including the talent of several artists, each presentation was designed as a separate webcomic strip, announcing the nominees and winner, for each category.[8][9]

There are 18 categories for the 2008 awards, with divisions for art and writing,.[10] The total categories for 2008 were reduced from the 26 that had been present in the 2007 awards, primarily due to the Committee dropping the "genre categories" from the list. The Committee's 2008 Chairman, Frank "Damonk" Cormier, had stated, on The Webcomic Beacon, that the Committee had received a high amount of feedback to limit the categories. When people were voting on the 2007 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, they were also asked what new genres, or categories, they thought should be included. Cormier explained, "We had a lot of people voting for 'no new genres', in fact, 'abolish the genres completely'." [11]

Outstanding Comic[edit]

Presented by Dylan Meconis of Quirky Bird

Outstanding Newcomer[edit]

Presented by Sheryl Schopfer of Deer Me

Outstanding Artist[edit]

Presented by Sergio Torres of Naivety Incarnate

Outstanding Layout[edit]

Presented by David McGuire

Outstanding Use of Color[edit]

Presented by Dominique Ferland

Outstanding Black and White Art[edit]

Presented by Bryant Paul Johnson of Tragi-Comix

Outstanding Photographic Comic[edit]

Presented by Kane Lynch of Myth and Madness

Outstanding Character Rendering[edit]

Presented by Fesworks of The Shifter Archive

Outstanding Environment Design[edit]

Presented by Adam Holwerda of Empty Headbox

Outstanding Website Design[edit]

Presented by Vladimir Bazan Estrada of Ihooky

Outstanding Use of The Medium[edit]

Presented by John Campbell of pictures for sad children.

Outstanding Writer[edit]

Presented by Tony Piro of Calamities of Nature

Outstanding Character Writing[edit]

Presented by Lee Bretschneider of Wheelchair Romeo

Outstanding Long Form Comic[edit]

Presented by Jonathon Dalton

Outstanding Short Form Comic[edit]

Presented by Brian Brown of Bellen!

Outstanding Single Panel Comic[edit]

Presented by John Cob

Outstanding Comedic Comic[edit]

Presented by Bryan Chojnowski of Muffin Time

Outstanding Dramatic Comic[edit]

Presented by Mike May of Stock Footage


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