2009 FIA GT Oschersleben 2 Hours

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The 2009 FIA GT Oschersleben 2 Hours is the third round of the 2009 FIA GT Championship season. The took place at Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Germany on 21 June 2009.



Qualifying result[edit]

Class winners are highlighted in bold.

Pos Class Team Qualifying Driver Lap Time
1 GT1 #2 Vitaphone Racing Team Alex Müller 1:24.546
2 GT1 #14 K plus K Motorsport Karl Wendlinger 1:24.865
3 GT1 #19 Luc Alphand Aventures Xavier Maassen 1:25.160
4 GT1 #1 Vitaphone Racing Team Michael Bartels 1:25.278
5 GT1 #18 K plus K Motorsport Adam Lacko 1:25.291
6 GT1 #3 Selleslagh Racing Team Bert Longin 1:25.560
7 GT1 #4 PK Carsport Mike Hezemans 1:25.702
8 GT1 #40 Marc VDS Racing Team Bas Leinders 1:26.634
9 GT1 #11 Full Speed Racing Team Luke Hines 1:26.941
10 GT1 #35 Nissan Motorsports Michael Krumm 1:27.431
11 GT2 #97 Brixia Racing Martin Ragginger 1:28.803
12 GT2 #50 AF Corse Gianmaria Bruni 1:28.953
13 GT2 #61 Prospeed Competition Marco Holzer 1:29.108
14 GT2 #56 CRS Racing Andrew Kirkaldy 1:29.346
15 GT2 #77 BMS Scuderia Italia Paolo Ruberti 1:29.534
16 GT2 #55 CRS Racing Tim Mullen 1:29.553
17 GT2 #51 AF Corse Álvaro Barba 1:29.799
18 GT2 #95 PeCom Racing Matías Russo 1:29.836
19 GT2 #80 Hexis Racing AMR Stefan Mücke 1:29.916
20 GT2 #60 Prospeed Competition Emmanuel Collard 1:30.102
21 GT2 #78 BMS Scuderia Italia Kenneth Heyer 1:31.536
22 GT1 #13 Full Speed Racing Team no time
23 GT1 #44 Matech GT Racing no time
24 GT2 #59 Trackspeed Racing Disallowed

† – #59 Trackspeed Racing was disqualified from the GT2 Pole Position after it was found that they had used incorrect tires and that the airbox was not sealed.[1]

Race report[edit]

The No. 61 Prospeed Competition Porsche was disqualified from the race after it was discovered in post-race technical inspection that part of its engine did not conform to the homologation requirements for the 997 GT3-RSR. Prospeed, who had finished second in the GT2 category, appealed the decision,[2] but this appeal was later rejected by the FIA and the results were finalized in October.[3]

Race result[edit]

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 75% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 GT1 4 Belgium PK Carsport Netherlands Mike Hezemans
Belgium Anthony Kumpen
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 71
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
2 GT1 1 Germany Vitaphone Racing Team Italy Andrea Bertolini
Germany Michael Bartels
Maserati MC12 GT1 M 71
Maserati 6.0 L V12
3 GT1 2 Germany Vitaphone Racing Team Portugal Miguel Ramos
Germany Alex Müller
Maserati MC12 GT1 M 71
Maserati 6.0 L V12
4 GT1 3 Belgium Selleslagh Racing Team France James Ruffier
Belgium Bert Longin
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 71
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
5 GT1 19 France Luc Alphand Aventures Netherlands Xavier Maassen
Italy Thomas Biagi
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 70
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
6 GT1 40 Belgium Marc VDS Racing Team Belgium Bas Leinders
Belgium Renaud Kuppens
Ford GT1 M 70
Ford 5.0 L V8
7 GT1 44 Switzerland Matech GT Racing Germany Thomas Mutsch
Germany Marc Hennerici
Ford GT1 M 70
Ford 5.0 L V8
8 GT1 11 Austria Full Speed Racing Team Belgium Stéphane Lémeret
United Kingdom Luke Hines
Saleen S7-R P 69
Ford 7.0 L V8
9 GT2 50 Italy AF Corse Finland Toni Vilander
Italy Gianmaria Bruni
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 69
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
10 GT2 80 France Hexis Racing AMR France Frédéric Makowiecki
Germany Stefan Mücke
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 M 69
Aston Martin 4.5 L V8
11 GT2 55 United Kingdom CRS Racing United Kingdom Tim Mullen
Canada Chris Niarchos
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 68
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
12 GT2 97 Italy Brixia Racing Italy Luigi Lucchini
Austria Martin Ragginger
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 68
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
13 GT1 35 Japan Nissan Motorsports
United Kingdom Gigawave Motorsports
Germany Michael Krumm
United Kingdom Darren Turner
Nissan GT-R GT1 M 68
Nissan 5.6 L V8
14 GT1 14 Czech Republic K plus K Motorsport Austria Karl Wendlinger
United Kingdom Ryan Sharp
Saleen S7-R M 67
Ford 7.0 L V8
15 GT2 56 United Kingdom CRS Racing United Kingdom Andrew Kirkaldy
United Kingdom Rob Bell
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 67
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
16 GT2 59 United Kingdom Trackspeed Racing Germany Jörg Bergmeister
United Kingdom David Ashburn
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 66
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
17 GT2 51 Italy AF Corse Spain Álvaro Barba
Italy Niki Cadei
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 64
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
18 GT2 78 Italy BMS Scuderia Italia Germany Kenneth Heyer
Italy Diego Romanini
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 63
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
GT1 13 Austria Full Speed Racing Team United Kingdom Johnny Mowlem
Italy Ferdinando Monfardini
Saleen S7-R P 42
Ford 7.0 L V8
GT2 95 Argentina PeCom Racing Argentina Matías Russo
Argentina Luis Pérez Companc
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 18
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
GT2 77 Italy BMS Scuderia Italia Italy Paolo Ruberti
Italy Matteo Malucelli
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 17
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
GT2 60 Belgium Prospeed Competition France Emmanuel Collard
United Kingdom Richard Westbrook
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 16
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
GT1 18 Czech Republic K plus K Motorsport Czech Republic Adam Lacko
Mexico Mario Domínguez
Saleen S7-R M 12
Ford 7.0 L V8
DSQ GT2 61 Belgium Prospeed Competition United Kingdom Sean Edwards
Germany Marco Holzer
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 69
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6


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