2009 Riga riot

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2009 Riga Riot
Tautas mitins 13.01.2009 02.jpg
Meeting before riots
Location Riga (capital of Latvia)
Date January 13, 2009
17:30 (EET (UTC +2))
Attack type
Damage of public and private property, rebellion. Attempt to take by assault the building of Parliament of Latvia.
Weapons Rebels: different objects (eggs, stones, bottles, etc.), and bottles filled with inflammable mixtures.
Military and police: batons, shields, teargas.
Non-fatal injuries
more than 50
Perpetrators individual rebels; more than 100 arrested
Number of participants
Directly involved: several hundreds
Protesters: around 10,000
Defenders Public Order Police and its Special Unit "Alfa" (State Police), Military Police (National Armed Forces), and Police of Riga Municipality

2009 Riga riot was a civil unrest in Riga, Latvia on January 13, 2009.

The opposition and trade unions organized a rally requesting dissolution of the parliament.[1] The rally gathered some 10-20 thousand people. In the evening the peaceful rally turned into a riot. Fifty people were injured and 100 arrested for overturning police cars and looting stores.[2] The crowd moved to the building of the parliament and attempted to force into it, but was repelled.[3]

On February 20, the cabinet of Godmanis was dissolved and Godmanis stepped off his position as the head of the government.[4]

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