2004 Buenos Aires 200km

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The 2004 200 km of Buenos Aires is the first edition of this race on the TC2000 season. The race was held in the Autódromo Juan y Óscar Gálvez in Buenos Aires.


Position Number Driver Car
1 1 Argentina Gabriel Ponce de León
Argentina Patricio Di Palma
Ford Focus
2 9 Argentina Christian Ledesma
Switzerland Alain Menu
Chevrolet Astra
3 10 Argentina Marcelo Bugliotti
Brazil David Muffato
Volkswagen Bora
4 16 Argentina Luis Belloso
Argentina Jose Luis Di Palma
Renault Mégane
5 15 Argentina Crispin Beitia
Argentina Ernesto Bessone
Ford Focus
6 5 Argentina Martín Basso
United Kingdom Anthony Reid
Honda Civic
7 20 Argentina Gabriel Adamoli
Argentina Emanuel Moriatis
Volkswagen Polo
8 18 Argentina Emiliano Spataro
Argentina Rafael Moro
Chevrolet Astra
9 40 Chile Eliseo Salazar
Chile Julio Infante
Renault Mégane
10 12 Argentina Leandro Carducci Honda Civic
11 34 Argentina Nicolas Kern
Argentina Pablo Redolfi
Ford Focus
12 44 Argentina Mariano Bainotti
Argentina Gabriel Suarez
Honda Civic
13 17 Argentina Juan Pablo Satorra
Argentina Moreiro
Renault Mégane
14 21 Argentina Roberto Urretavizcaya
Argentina Laureano Campanera
Volkswagen Bora
15 19 Argentina Federico Lifschitz
Argentina Juan Pablo Rossotti
Chevrolet Astra
16 27 Argentina Crespo
Argentina Caserta
Ford Focus
17 24 Argentina Fabian Yannantuoni
Brazil Cacá Bueno
Honda Civic
18 6 Argentina Juan Manuel Silva
Sweden Rickard Rydell
Honda Civic
19 52 Argentina Leonel Larrauri
Argentina Oscar Larrauri
Ford Focus
20 32 Argentina Gustavo Der Ohanessian
Argentina Daniel Belli
Fiat Stilo
21 43 Argentina Fabrizio Pezzini
Argentina Ariel Pacho
Honda Civic
22 28 Argentina Guillermo Ortelli
Argentina Matías Rossi
Peugeot 307
23 4 Argentina Nicolás Vuyovich
Argentina Baldinelli
Toyota Corolla
24 14 Argentina Nelson Garcia
Argentina Fabian Flaque
Ford Focus
25 11 Argentina Oscar Fineschi
Argentina Lorca
Honda Civic
26 29 Argentina Carlos Okulovich
Argentina Henry Martin
Peugeot 307
27 30 Argentina Esteban Tuero
Spain Jordi Gené
Volkswagen Polo
28 3 Argentina Norberto Fontana
United Kingdom Kelvin Burt
Toyota Corolla
29 38 Argentina Anibal Zaniratto
Argentina Mariano Altuna
Peugeot 307
30 8 Argentina Gabriel Furlán
Brazil Flavio Figueiredo
Mitsubishi Lancer
31 42 Argentina Ezequiel Toia
Argentina Pedro Comito
Honda Civic