2010–11 Sevilla FC season

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2010–11 season
Chairman José María del Nido
Manager Antonio Álvarez (until 27 September)
Gregorio Manzano (from 27 September)
La Liga 5th
Copa del Rey Semi-finals
Supercopa de España Runners-up
UEFA Champions League Play-off round
UEFA Europa League Round of 32
Top goalscorer League:
Álvaro Negredo (20)
Álvaro Negredo (26)
Home colours
Away colours
Third colours

The 2010–11 Spanish football season is Sevilla Fútbol Club's tenth consecutive season in La Liga. The team manager in the previous season, Antonio Álvarez, continued[1] with the team until the 2–0 defeat against Hércules on 26 September 2010. After this match, Gregorio Manzano, became the new manager[2] but also assisted by the former player Javier Navarro[3] and Luis García Tevenet as it happened when Álvarez was the coach.

Trophies balance[edit]

Category Trophy Started round First match Result Last match
Friendly Trophy 16th Trofeo de la Sal Final 23 July 2010 Winner 23 July 2010
Achille & Cesare Bortolotti Trophy Final 30 July 2010 Winner 30 July 2010
56th Ramón de Carranza Trophy Semi-finals 7 August 2010 Third Place 8 August 2010
3rd Antonio Puerta Trophy Final 24 November 2010 Runners-up 24 November 2010
Competitive Liga BBVA 28 August 2010 5th 21 May 2011
Copa del Rey Round of 32 27 October 2010 Third Place[4] 2 February 2011
Supercopa de España Final 14 August 2010 Runners-up 21 August 2010
UEFA Champions League Fourth Qualifying Round 18 August 2010 Fourth Qualifying Round[5] 24 August 2010
UEFA Europa League Group Stage 16 September 2010 Round of 32 23 February 2011

Competitive Balance[edit]

Biggest win
Home Away
Liga BBVA 22 January 2011 Matchday 20 v. Levante UD 4 – 1 28 August 2010 Matchday 1 v. Levante UD 1 – 4
1 March 2011 Matchday 26 v. Sporting Gijón 3 – 0
Copa del Rey 10 November 2010 Round of 32, 2nd leg v. Real Unión 6 – 1 27 October 2010 Round of 32, 1st leg v. Real Unión 0 – 4
Champions League None due to the elimination in the fourth qualifying round
Europa League 4 November 2010 GS, Matchday 4 v. Ukraine Karpaty Lviv 4 – 0 30 September 2010 GS, Matchday 2 v. Germany Borussia Dortmund 0 – 1
21 October 2010 GS, Matchday 3 v. Ukraine Karpaty Lviv
23 February 2011 Round of 32, 2nd leg v. Portugal FC Porto
Biggest loss
Home Away
Liga BBVA 21 November 2010 Matchday 35 v. Real Madrid CF 2 – 6 31 October 2010 Matchday 9 v. FC Barcelona 5 – 0
Copa del Rey 26 January 2011 Semifinals, 1st leg v. Real Madrid CF 0 – 1 2 February 2011 Semifinals, 2nd leg v. Real Madrid CF 2 – 0
Champions League 24 August 2010 QR 4, 2nd leg v. Portugal SC Braga 3 – 4 18 August 2010 QR 4, 1st leg v. Portugal SC Braga 1 – 0
Europa League 16 September 2010 GS, Matchday 1 v. France PSG 0 – 1 2 December 2010 GS, Matchday 5 v. France PSG 4 – 2
17 February 2011 Round of 32, 1st leg v. Portugal FC Porto 1 – 2

Summer transfers[edit]



Loan in[edit]

Loan out[edit]

Loan return[edit]

Loan end[edit]

Winter transfers[edit]



Loan out[edit]

Current squad[edit]


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Spain GK Andrés Palop (captain)
2 Argentina DF Federico Fazio
3 Serbia DF Ivica Dragutinović
4 Uruguay DF Martín Cáceres (On loan from FC Barcelona)
5 Spain DF Fernando Navarro
6 Ivory Coast MF Romaric
7 Spain MF Jesús Navas (Long-term injured)
8 Ivory Coast MF Didier Zokora
9 Argentina MF Diego Perotti
11 Brazil MF Renato
12 Mali FW Frédéric Kanouté
13 Spain GK Javi Varas
14 France DF Julien Escudé
15 Spain MF Alejandro Alfaro
No. Position Player
16 Spain MF Diego Capel
17 Spain DF Sergio Sánchez
18 Spain FW Álvaro Negredo
19 Italy MF Luca Cigarini (On loan from Napoli)
20 France DF Mouhamadou Dabo
21 Argentina MF Lautaro Acosta
22 Ivory Coast FW Arouna Koné
23 Spain DF Alexis Ruano
24 Chile MF Gary Medel (No. 41 in UEL)
25 Croatia MF Ivan Rakitić (No. 40 in UEL)
26 Spain FW Luis Alberto
29 Spain GK Dani Jiménez
31 Spain FW Rodri
Italy MF Tiberio Guarente[32] (Long-term injured)

Youth system[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
33 Spain GK Julián Cuesta
34 Colombia DF Bernardo Espinosa
No. Position Player
Spain MF José Campaña
Spain DF 'Deivid' Rodríguez

Long-term injuries[edit]

Sergio Sánchez's cardiac pathology[edit]

Out between: January – December 2010

On 1 January 2010, Sevilla FC's medical services detected some cardiac pathology in Sergio Sánchez's heart and they recommended to him to stop his activity with the team. On May 2010, he was surgical operated in Hamburg (Germany) and received orders of resting during 6 or 7 months, when there will be valued (beginning of 2011) the possibility of returning to play football.[33] On 27 December 2010, doctors of Vall d'Hebrón Hospital (Barcelona) had officially told Sevilla FC that Sergio Sánchez has passed the latest tests about his recovery because of the surgical operation, so he can play football again from 2011.[34]

Jesús Navas' left ankle (I)[edit]

Out between: 16 – 30 September 2010 ; October 2010 – January 2011

On 16 September 2010, in the Europa League match against PSG, Jesús Navas twisted his left ankle. He had to be replaced during that match because he couldn't walk as usual. His injury didn't appear serious, and he was considered recovered and fit to play in the pre-game Europa League against Borussia Dortmund at the Westfalenstadion. He had to be replaced on 76' because of a strong relapse. He was replaced by Julien Escudé. During October, it was thought that he needed surgery. He submitted it on 1 November in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He was operated by Dr. Mikel Sánchez and could return to play after Christmas, on 2 January against CA Osasuna.

Tiberio Guarente's injured leg[edit]

Out between: November 2010 – Following season

On 6 November 2010, Sevilla FC's medical services discovered a strange injury in Tiberio Guarente's leg that should be treated. This injury caused that the Italian player was 6 months out of the stadiums.[35]

Jesús Navas' left ankle (II)[edit]

Out between: April 2011 – Following season

In some training season before the match against RCD Mallorca, Jesus Navas had discomfort in his left ankle, which had been twisted in the beginning of the session in a Europa League match against PSG. He wasn't called to that match and medical tests were made. It was discovered that he suffered from a relapse of that injury, a stress fracture in his ankle that will keep him out of the stadiums for 6 weeks. It is believed he will not play more in the remainder of the session.

Nominated by their national football team[edit]

Match stats[edit]

No. Pos. Player Goal Booked Yellow cardYellow cardRed card Red card
1 GK Spain Andrés Palop 2 1 1
2 DF Argentina Federico Fazio 1 3
4 DF Uruguay Martín Cáceres 1 6 1 1
5 DF Spain Fernando Navarro 8 4 1 4 1 1
6 MF Ivory Coast Romaric 1 3 1 5 1 1 1
7 MF Spain Jesús Navas (LTI) 1 1 3
8 MF Ivory Coast Didier Zokora 10 3 1 1 2
9 MF Argentina Diego Perotti 3 1 5 1 2
10 FW Brazil Luís Fabiano (Out) 10 1 1 1 1 2 1 1
11 MF Brazil Renato 2 1 1
12 FW Mali Frédéric Kanouté 12 1 2 1 5 6 1 1
13 GK Spain Javi Varas 3
14 DF France Julien Escudé 2 6 2 1
15 MF Spain Alejandro Alfaro 2 3 2 1
16 MF Spain Diego Capel 1 2 1 1
17 DF Spain Sergio Sánchez 3 1 1
18 FW Spain Álvaro Negredo 20 5 1 4
19 MF Italy Luca Cigarini 1 2 2 2
20 DF France Mouhamadou Dabo 6 1 1 1
21 MF Argentina Lautaro Acosta 1 3
23 DF Spain Alexis Ruano 2 8 3 2 1 1
24 DF France Abdoulay Konko (Out) 2 3 1
MF Chile Gary Medel No. 40 7 No. 40 1 No. 40 No. 40
25 MF Italy Tiberio Guarente (LTI) 1 2
MF Croatia Ivan Rakitić 5 No. 41 1 No. 41 No. 41 No. 41
27 DF Spain Antonio Luna (Out) 1 1
30 FW Spain José Carlos (Out) 2
31 FW Spain Rodri 1 2
34 DF Colombia Bernardo Espinosa 1

Match results[edit]


Friendly matches[edit]

16th Trofeo de la Sal[edit]

Achille & Cesare Bortolotti Trophy[edit]

56th Ramón de Carranza Trophy[edit]

Semi-finals Final
6 August – Cádiz
 Cádiz  1 (5)  
 Atlético de Madrid (p)  1 (6)  
8 August – Cádiz
     Atlético de Madrid  1 (3)
   RCD Espanyol (p)  1 (4)
Third place
7 August – Cádiz 8 August – Cádiz
 Sevilla FC  1 (1)  Cádiz  2
 RCD Espanyol (p)  1 (4)    Sevilla FC  3

3rd Antonio Puerta Trophy[edit]

Supercopa de España[edit]


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Sevilla FC 3–5 FC Barcelona 3–1 0–4
First leg[edit]
14 August 2010
21:30 CEST
Sevilla 3 – 1 Barcelona
Luís Fabiano Goal 62'
Kanouté Goal 73'83'
Live TV:
TVE La1 logo since 2008.png
Goal 21' Ibrahimović

GK 1 Spain Andrés Palop (c)
DF 24 France Abdoulay Konko
DF 14 France Julien Escudé
DF 2 Argentina Federico Fazio
DF 20 France Mouhamadou Dabo Booked 70'
MF 6 Ivory Coast Romaric Substituted off 45'
MF 8 Ivory Coast Didier Zokora Booked 58'
MF 11 Brazil Renato Substituted off 64'
FW 7 Spain Jesús Navas
FW 10 Brazil Luís Fabiano Goal 62' Substituted off 73'
FW 9 Argentina Diego Perotti
GK 13 Spain Javi Varas
DF 4 France Sébastien Squillaci
MF 19 Italy Luca Cigarini Booked 72' Substituted in 45'
MF 15 Spain Alejandro Alfaro
MF 16 Spain Diego Capel
FW 18 Spain Álvaro Negredo Substituted in 73'
FW 12 Mali Frédéric Kanouté Goal 73'83' Substituted in 64'
Spain Antonio Álvarez

GK 31 Spain Rubén Miño
DF 2 Brazil Dani Alves Booked 90+1'
DF 18 Argentina Gabriel Milito (c) Substituted off 82'
DF 22 France Éric Abidal
DF 19 Brazil Maxwell
DF 33 Spain Sergi Gómez
MF 15 Mali Seydou Keita
MF 37 Spain Oriol Romeu
MF 34 Mexico Jonathan dos Santos Substituted off 66'
FW 9 Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimović Goal 21' Substituted off 53'
FW 11 Spain Bojan Krkić
GK 38 Spain Oier Olazábal
DF 35 Spain Marc Muniesa
DF 21 Brazil Adriano Substituted in 82'
DF 30 Spain Thiago Alcântara Substituted in 66'
MF 28 Spain Sergi Roberto
MF 20 Spain Jeffrén Suárez
FW 10 Argentina Lionel Messi Substituted in 53'
Spain Pep Guardiola

Man of the Match:
Frédéric Kanouté (Sevilla FC)

Assistant referees:
Asturias José Manuel Fernández Miranda
Asturias Javier Hugo Novoa Robles
Fourth official:
Asturias Pablo Fernández Pérez

Second leg[edit]
21 August 2010
20:30 CEST
FC Barcelona 4 – 0 Sevilla FC
Konko Goal 14' (o.g.)
Messi Goal 24'44'90+1'
Live TV:
TVE La1 logo since 2008.png
Camp Nou, Barcelona
Attendance: 67,414
Referee: SpainCantabria F. Teixeira Vitienes
FC Barcelona
Sevilla FC

GK 1 Spain Víctor Valdés
DF 2 Brazil Dani Alves
DF 3 Spain Gerard Piqué Booked 79'
DF 22 France Éric Abidal
DF 19 Brazil Maxwell
MF 16 Spain Sergio Busquets
MF 6 Spain Xavi (c) Substituted off 88'
MF 15 Mali Seydou Keita
FW 10 Argentina Lionel Messi Goal 24'44'90+1'
FW 11 Spain Bojan Krkić Substituted off 57'
FW 17 Spain Pedro Rodríguez Substituted off 57'
GK 13 Spain José Manuel Pinto
DF 5 Spain Carles Puyol
DF 18 Argentina Gabriel Milito
MF 8 Spain Andrés Iniesta Substituted in 57'
MF 21 Brazil Adriano Substituted in 88'
FW 9 Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimović
FW 7 Spain David Villa Substituted in 57'
Spain Pep Guardiola

GK 1 Spain Andrés Palop (c)
DF 5 Spain Fernando Navarro
DF 14 France Julien Escudé
DF 24 France Abdoulay Konko Goal 14' (o.g.)
DF 20 France Mouhamadou Dabo
MF 6 Ivory Coast Romaric Booked 33' Substituted off 61'
MF 7 Spain Jesús Navas
MF 8 Ivory Coast Didier Zokora
MF 15 Spain Alejandro Alfaro Substituted off 61'
MF 16 Spain Diego Capel Substituted off 61'
FW 18 Spain Álvaro Negredo
GK 13 Spain Javi Varas
DF 2 Argentina Federico Fazio
MF 9 Argentina Diego Perotti Substituted in 61'
FW 10 Brazil Luís Fabiano Substituted in 61'
MF 11 Brazil Renato
MF 19 Italy Luca Cigarini Booked 89' Substituted in 61'
FW 31 Spain Rodri
Spain Antonio Álvarez

Man of the Match:
Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)

Assistant referees:
Cantabria Victoriano Díaz Casado
Cantabria Manuel Ángel Torre Cimiano
Fourth official:
Cantabria Alberto Díaz Arias

La Liga[edit]

Matchday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Venue A H A H A H A H A H A H H A H A H A H H A H A H A H A H A H A A H A H A H A
Position 2 3 2 5 7 5 7 6 8 6 5 7 8 10 11 11 10 10 10 8 8 7 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 5 6 6 5 6 6 5 5
Goal Average (useful in case of tie)[38] Won Won Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Won Won

     Win       Draw       Lost

All Home Away
Pts W D L F A Dif. Pts W D L F A Dif. Pts W D L F A Dif.
5 Sevilla FC 58 17 7 14 62 61 +1 34 10 4 5 35 27 +8 24 7 3 9 27 34 −7

     Liga BBVA Winner (also qualified for 2011–12 UEFA Champions League Group Stage)
     2011–12 UEFA Champions League Group Stage
     2011–12 UEFA Champions League 4th Qualifying Round
     2011–12 UEFA Europa League Group Stage
     2011–12 UEFA Europa League 4th Qualifying Round (From 3 February: 5th and 6th Liga BBVA qualified teams because of the 2011 Copa del Rey Final)
     2011–12 UEFA Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round (From 3 February: 7th Liga BBVA qualified team because of the 2011 Copa del Rey Final)
     Relegation to Liga Adelante

UEFA Champions League[edit]

Play-off round[edit]

UEFA Europa League[edit]

Group stage[edit]

Group J
Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
France Paris Saint-Germain 6 3 3 0 9 4 +5 12
Spain Sevilla 6 3 1 2 10 7 +3 10
Germany Borussia Dortmund 6 2 3 1 10 7 +3 9
Ukraine Karpaty Lviv 6 0 1 5 4 15 −11 1

Round of 32[edit]

Sevilla FC 2–2 F.C. Porto on aggregate. F.C. Porto won on away goals.

Copa del Rey[edit]

Round of 32[edit]

Sevilla FC won 10–1 on aggregate.

Round of 16[edit]

Sevilla FC won 8–3 on aggregate.


Sevilla FC won 6–3 on aggregate.


Real Madrid CF won 3–0 on aggregate.


Antonio Álvarez sacked during the season[edit]

After the successful end of the 2009–10 season, during which the team could qualify for the qualifying round 4 of the UEFA Champions League thanks to a goal from Rodri in Almería in the 95th minute, and the achievement of the 2009–10 Copa del Rey, won the fifth time in club's history, Antonio Álvarez was renowned as the team coach. After an uncertain preseason with signings that didn't seem to provide a good performance, and a hesitant start in Champions League and disastrous at Europe League, the directive issued an ultimatum to Álvarez: His team could not lose in Alicante against Hércules. However, Sevilla FC fell precipitously; Trezeguet scored twice on 26 September at the Rico Pérez stadium giving a very bad image. After an impromptu meeting of the directive in Sevilla, in the morning from 26 to 27 September, Álvarez was sacked, and Gregorio Manzano was announced as his replacement for the remainder of the season.

Álvarez matches balance:

3rd Champions for Africa[edit]

Three years ago, on 2008 Christmas, Frédéric Kanouté and his own foundation organized a special Christmas match with Unicef trying to help African kids about their education with the ticket's prices and the anonymous donations. The first edition was held in Sevilla, at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, with a smaller support than in 2009 when the match was organized in Madrid, at Santiago Bernabéu, with three-quarters of the stadium full of fans. Both matches have been broadcast in some foreign countries, like United Kingdom or Mali. This year, with more help for the Fundación Kanouté, the match will be held in Vicente Calderón Stadium, Atlético de Madrid home stadium, on 29 December. Africa United coach, José Mourinho, starred the funniest anecdotes of the match, taking with him his sons, who threw the ball to one of the goalkeepers of his father's team at halftime, Andrés Palop. In addition, Mourinho plate the linesman in the second half because of the many marked offsides against his team and took with him to an amateur teen who jumped into the Vicente Calderón to greet a player of Liga BBVA XI.

Vamos Deixar-te Sem o Título[edit]

After completing the game between Sevilla FC and Levante UD (4–1 home win), the stadium lights went out suddenly after having retired referees and Levante UD players. In the video scoreboard it was shown a video with Andrés Palop's voice background encouraging Sevilla FC fans to go to the stadium on Wednesday 26 January to see the first leg of Copa del Rey Semifinals against Real Madrid CF. The video ended with an image of the Copa del Rey and the phrases "¿Quieres otra Copa?" [Do you want another Cup?] and "Que ningún madridista te quite el asiento" [Try to avoid that any Real Madrid fan steals your seat] and "Vamos Deixar-te Sem o Título" (Portuguese) [We will leave you without the title]. The Madrid press, akin to Real Madrid CF, slammed this initiative considering it disrespectful.
They identified the "We will leave you without the title" as an offensive reference to the Madrid club's Portuguese coach José Mourinho. Sevilla FC also distributed leaflets with the same image and the same phrases. The local coach Gregorio Manzano said at the news conference that he hadn't seen them. When a reporter gave him one, he just said that "it was an original initiative".

LFP failed strike[edit]

On 11 February 2011, LFP officially announced a planified strike for Liga BBVA matchday 30 (1, 2 and 3 April 2011) if Spanish government doesn't forbid the TV law about the La Liga broadcasting and if it doesn't give the sufficient part of the earnings of La Quiniela, Spanish sportive official bet. Following Spanish law, at least one match of each Liga BBVA matchday must be broadcast by common TV (laSexta, on the Spanish TDT). LFP wants forcing to pay TV channels and radio stations to broadcast entire matches or summaries too. On 22 March, LFP announced that nothing had change to that moment and the strike was official. 7 Liga BBVA teams (Villarreal CF, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, RCD Espanyol, Real Zaragoza, Sevilla FC and Málaga CF) had made official their desition about playing that matchday as usual, presenting an interim measure before a court of Madrid. LFP vice-president (and Sevilla FC vice-president too), stepped down citing disagreement with the decision taken by the LFP in February, calling it coercion. After weeks of discussions without reaching any conclusion, the judge presiding over the case, Ms. Purificación Pujol, announced on 30 March that the 7 Liga BBVA clubs, along with Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona, joined days after, were right. Therefore, the same morning, LFP had to organize on the fly the schedule of matchdays 30 in Liga BBVA and 32 in Liga Adelante.


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