2010 Chilean telethon

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Logo of Teletón (Chilean telethon)

The 2010 Chilean telethon was the 23rd version of this telethon, the aim this year being to raise funds for the rehabilitation of children with motor disabilities. The event, which aired over 27 consecutive hours through the Chilean television channels grouped in the National Television Association (Anatel), was held from Telethon Theatre on December 3 and 4 and from the National Stadium in its final stage, and was produced and directed by Mauricio Correa. The poster child was Cristóbal Galleguillos, born with no upper limbs and malformed legs. It is the second national telethon after the Chile helps Chile, aired in March of that year, to be broadcast in HDTV.

After almost 28 hours of uninterrupted transmission, the amount collected during was CL$ 18,890,559,347 (USD$ 39,167,654), beating, a 13.87%, the original goal. On 21 December, the Fundación Teletón's Directorate gave the final figure achieved in this campaign, reaching a total of CL$ 24,420,293,420 (USD$ 50,632,995), 47.20% above the goal set.


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