United Kingdom general election, 2010 (London)

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United Kingdom general election, 2010[1]
2005 ←
6 May 2010 (2010-05-06) → Next

All 73 London seats to the House of Commons
  First party Second party Third party
  Gordon Brown Davos Jan 08.jpg Davidcameron.jpg Nick Clegg by the 2009 budget cropped.jpg
Leader Gordon Brown David Cameron Nick Clegg
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat
Leader since 24 June 2007 6 December 2005 18 December 2007
Last election 44 Seats 22 Seats 7 Seats
Seats before 44 21 7
Seats won 38 28 7
Seat change Decrease6 Increase7 ±0
Popular vote 1,245,637 1,174,568 751,561
Percentage 36.6% 34.5% 22.1%
Swing Decrease2.3% Increase2.6% Increase0.2%

Prime Minister before election

Gordon Brown

Subsequent Prime Minister

David Cameron

These are the results of the United Kingdom general election, 2010 in the city of London in England. The 2010 General Election was held on 6 May 2010 and all three main UK parties saw success in different parts of the city. For individual results see Results of the United Kingdom general election, 2010.

In contrast to the overall result in the United Kingdom, and particularly England, Labour came first in London in terms of votes and seats. Labour's vote and seat share declined for the third consecutive election, however they still won an absolute majority of seats (52%).

Overall result[edit]

Party MPs +/- Seats Contested Votes % +/- %
Labour Party 38 -6 73 1,245,637 36.6% -2.3%
Conservative Party 28 +7 73 1,174,568 34.5% +2.6%
Liberal Democrats 7 73 751,561 22.1% +0.2%
United Kingdom Independence Party 59,452 1.7% +0.3%
Green 54,316 1.6% -1.1%
British National Party 52,095 1.5% +0.9
Respect Party -1 17,368 0.5% -0.9
English Democrats 9,076 0.3% +0.2%

Seats changing hands[edit]

Brent Central is regarded here as a Liberal Democrat gain from Labour due to the seat having a notional Labour majority before the 2010 election, following boundary changes; Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat member for the abolished Brent East seat, successfully stood in Brent Central and remained an MP.

Seat 2005 election 2010 election
Battersea Labour Conservative gain
Bethnal Green and Bow Respect Labour gain
Brent Central Labour Liberal Democrat gain
Brentford and Isleworth Labour Conservative gain
Croydon Central Labour Conservative gain
Ealing Central and Acton Labour Conservative gain
Harrow East Labour Conservative gain
Hendon Labour Conservative gain
Richmond Park Liberal Democrat Conservative gain