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2010 (2010) Budget of the United States federal government
President Barack Obama with OMB Director Peter Orszag.jpg
President Barack Obama with OMB Director Peter Orszag.
Submitted February 2009
Submitted by Barack Obama
Submitted to 111th Congress
Passed Passed [1]
Total revenue $2.381 trillion (requested)
$2.163 trillion (actual)[1]
Total expenditures $3.552 trillion (requested)
$3.456 trillion (actual)[1]
Deficit $1.171 trillion (requested)
$1.293 trillion (enacted)[1]
Debt $13.56 trillion (estimated)
Website http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy10/index.html US Government Printing Office[dead link]

The United States Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2010, titled A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America's Promise,[2] is a spending request by President Barack Obama to fund government operations for October 2009–September 2010. Figures shown in the spending request do not reflect the actual appropriations for Fiscal Year 2010, which must be authorized by Congress.

Total spending[edit]

A pie chart representing spending by category for the US budget for 2010[citation needed]
Further information: Government spending

The President's budget request for 2010 totals $3.55 trillion but was never officially passed in Congress. Percentages in parentheses indicate percentage change compared to 2009. This budget request is broken down by the following expenditures:[3]

  • Mandatory spending: $2.173 trillion (+14.9%)
    • $695 billion (+4.9%) – Social Security
    • $571 billion (+58.6%) – Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending
    • $453 billion (+6.6%) – Medicare
    • $290 billion (+12.0%) – Medicaid
    • $164 billion (+18.0%) – Interest on National Debt
US receipt and expenditure estimates for fiscal year 2010.


The total deficit for fiscal year 2010 was $1.3 trillion. [4]


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