2011 ASEAN Para Games

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6th ASEAN ParaGames
APGI2011 logo.jpg
Motto: "United & rising through sports for all"
Nations participating 11
Athletes participating 2000
Events 11 sports
Opening ceremony 15 December
Closing ceremony 20 December
Officially opened by Boediono
Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia
Officially closed by Agung Laksono
Coordinating Minister of People's Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia
Ceremony venue Manahan Stadium, Surakarta

The 6th ASEAN Para Games, Indonesia 2011 was held 15–20 December 2011, in Surakarta (Solo),[1] Central Java, Indonesia. Solo's Manahan Stadium[2] was the main Games venue. Patterned after the Paralympic Games, the ASEAN Para Games is a biannual regional multisport event held 2 weeks after the end of every Southeast Asian Games. Physically challenged athletes with mobility and visual disabilities, amputees or those with cerebral palsy from ASEAN member nations - Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam compete in these Games.

The APG serves as a regional-level multisport event to prepare physically challenged ASEAN athletes to compete in the Paralympic Games.[3] Aside from promoting friendship and solidarity among persons with disabilities in the ASEAN region through sports, the Games also hopes to promote and develop sports for the differently-abled, apart from to rehabilitating and integrating persons with disability into mainstream society through sports.[4]

The ASEAN ParaGames is traditionally hosted by the same country and sport venues where the Southeast Asian Games took place. Lack of accessible facilities or inexperience in catering to the needs for disabled sport has recently triggered hosting city substitutions like Nakhon Ratchasima rather than Bangkok in the 2008 ASEAN ParaGames, or a change of country–Malaysia[5] rather than Laos for the 2009 ASEAN ParaGames. This trend continues with the substitution of Solo rather than Jakarta in this edition of the Para Games. Indonesia hosted the ASEAN Para Games for the first time.[6]


Organising committee[edit]

The Indonesian ASEAN Para Games Organising Committee (INASOC) is the organising committee for the 6th ASEAN Para Games. INASPOC[6] is chaired by Prof. James Tangkudong under the aegis of the National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia (NPC Indonesia).



The official 6th ASEAN ParaGames Logo includes the ASEAN Para Sports Federation within the Garuda graphic of the 2011 SEA Games logo. The national symbol of Indonesia, the Garuda represents strength, its wings epitomise glory and splendor. The green strokes symbolise the islands, forests and mountainous terrain of the Indonesian archipelago, while the blue strokes represents the vast Nusantara ocean which unifies differences. Land and water or Tanah Air in Indonesian means fatherland. Red strokes represent courage, zeal and burning passion to give the best for the country.[7][8]


The official mascot of the ASEAN Para Games 2011 are Modo and Modi,[9] a pair of Komodo dragons. This mascot was adopted from a real animal endemic to Indonesia. Komodo dragons are found in the Komodo National Park. The dragon was selected as the mascot of the ASEAN Para Games 2011, Indonesia to promote the Komodo National Park as a candidate for the New 7 Wonders of Nature online contest.

Modo is a male Komodo dragon dressed in a dark brown surjan comodo, traditional clothing of Central Java, with dark brown pants and a batik blangkon headcloth (a typical Javanese male headcover). Meanwhile female dragon Modi wears a fashionable bun konde or wig headdress to accent her batik kebaya.

"Modo," short for Komodo, while "Modo-Modi" is similar to the Indonesian word Muda-Mudi or "youth" which refers to the youth of Indonesia. Modo and Modi are hardworking, honest, fair, friendly and represent sportsmanship. Modo and Modi reflect the positive personality of Indonesia, preserve the harmony of co-operation and promote friendship among participating countries in the ASEAN Para Games.

Host city[edit]

The 6th ASEAN Para Games was hosted by Surakarta, Central Java. Better known by its informal name Solo, Surakarta is a popular destination for tourists travelling from nearby Yogyakarta en route for Bali. Surakarta's main tourist attraction Keraton Surakarta, the palace of Susuhunan Pakubuwono is also the Princely Javanese court of Mangkunegaran. Pasar Gede is often visited by tourists, mostly for its unique architecture and fame as the biggest traditional market. Solo is also famous for producing fine quality Javanese batik.

Surakarta is located 60 kilometers from Yogyakarta and shares many UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Candi Borobudur and Candi Prambanan. Candi Ratu Boko, Candi Kalasan, and many other Candi or ancient temples are historical tourist sights. Surakarta is located much closer to Candi Cetho and Candi Sukuh on the slopes of Mount Lawu.

Opening and closing ceremony[edit]

Sacred flame taken from the Mrapen eternal flame lit the torch during the opening ceremony held 15 December 2011 in Manahan Stadium. Boediono, the Indonesian Vice-President officially opened the Games.[10] Batik, the nation and the city's traditional cloth was the main icon in the opening ceremony.[11]

Pouring rain failed to dampen the spirits of jubilant athletes, fans, officials and entertainers during the closing ceremony held five days later in the same venue. Traditional Javanese dances were performed and the famed marching band from Surakarta State University likewise entertained spectators.[12] The Games was officially closed by Agung Laksono, Coordinating Minister of People's Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia.[13]

Athletes village[edit]

Wisma Donohudan (Kompleks Haji) in Surakarta was the main athletes village (wisma atlet) during the Games.[3] Accommodation for athletes and their families, as well as other members of the contingent in Surakarta:

  • Family Hotel: Hotel Sunan, Surakarta (Solo)
  • Surakarta Hotels for Technical Officials, Classifiers & ITOs.: Hotel Agas and Hotel Sahid


Indonesian Paralympic Organising Committee (INASPOC) President James Tangkudung confirmed the 11 sports[3] selected - archery, athletics, badminton, chess, goalball, powerlifting, sitting volleyball, swimming, table tennis, ten pin bowling and wheelchair tennis. Sailing which debuted as a medal sport in the 2009 ASEAN ParaGames, was not included by the organisers in this edition of the Games, despite the 2011 SEA Games edition which includes Sailing in its sport line-up.

Venues and Schedule[edit]

Surakarta (Solo) sport venues as of December 2011[14]

No. Sports Code Venue Schedule
1 Archery AR Sriwedari Stadium 16–19 December 2011
2 Athletics AT Manahan Stadium 16–19 December 2011
3 Badminton BA Sritex Arena Sports Center 16–19 December 2011
4 Chess CH Pendopo Balaikota City Hall 15–19 December 2011
5 Goalball GB Nyi Ageng Karang Gymnasium Karanganyar 16–18 December 2011
6 Powerlifting PO Gedung Wanita Sport Hall 17–19 December 2011
7 Swimming SW Tirtomoyo Manahan Aquatic Centre 16–19 December 2011
8 Table Tennis TT Diamond Convention Center 15–20 December 2011
9 Ten-pin bowling TB Bengawan Sport Hall 16–19 December 2011
10 Sitting volleyball VS Manahan Sports Center 15–19 December 2011
11 Wheelchair tennis WT Manahan Tennis Court 15–19 December 2011


Team sizes[edit]

Ten ASEAN members countries plus East Timor[15] sent an estimated total of 2,000 athletes to compete.       Host nation

Country Athlete Official Sports Entered
 Brunei Darussalam 24 12 3
 Cambodia 18 19 3
 Indonesia 235 66 11
 Laos 7 4 2
 Malaysia 122 56 10
 Myanmar 36 21 6
 Philippines 46 19 6
 Singapore 32 22 5
 Thailand 205 91 11
 Timor-Leste 24 16 5
 Vietnam 121 48 6
Total 870 athletes 374 official 11 Sports to be contested

Medal table[edit]

      Host nation

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Thailand (THA) 126 96 73 295
2  Indonesia (INA) 113 108 89 310
3  Malaysia (MAS) 51 36 45 132
4  Vietnam (VIE) 44 44 72 160
5  Philippines (PHI) 23 23 18 64
6  Myanmar (MYA) 11 8 12 31
7  Singapore (SIN) 9 10 9 28
8  Brunei (BRU) 3 5 8 16
9  Cambodia (CAM) 0 5 2 7
10  Timor-Leste (TLS) 0 2 4 6
11  Laos (LAO) 0 1 1 2
Total 380 338 333 1051


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