2011 Copa do Brasil Finals

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2011 Copa do Brasil Finals
Event 2011 Copa Kia do Brasil
(away goals rule)
First leg
Date June 1, 2011
Venue Estádio São Januário, Rio de Janeiro
Referee Paulo César de Oliveira (SP)
Attendance 21,365
Second leg
Date June 8, 2011
Venue Estádio Couto Pereira, Curitiba
Referee Sálvio Fagundes (SP)
Attendance 31,516

The 2011 Copa do Brasil Finals was a two-legged Brazilian football that determinate the 2011 Copa do Brasil champion. It was played in June 1 and 8. It was contested by Vasco da Gama, the 3rd place in the CBF Club Ranking, and Coritiba, the 2010 Campeonato Paranaense winners.

Vasco won the finals on away goals rule.


Vasco da Gama and Coritiba, two former Brazilian champions, were the last two champions of the Série B (Vasco da Gama in 2009, Coritiba in 2010) and were the "teams-sensation" of Brazilian football.

Vasco da Gama[edit]

Vasco da Gama, after a poor start in the Campeonato Carioca, has rebounded with the arrival of players like Diego Souza, Alecsandro, Bernardo, and especially the coming of the coach Ricardo Gomes, which along with players like Fernando Prass, Dedé, Anderson Martins, Felipe, Éder Luís, Eduardo Costa and Rômulo, not only reaching the Copa do Brasil finals, as well as the Taça Rio Final (on penalties being defeated by archrival, Flamengo).

Vasco da Gama had already played a final before: in 2006, the team lost the competition for his archrival, Flamengo. On this occasion the team cross-Maltin was defeated in both games: 2-0 in the first game and 1-0 in the second.


Coritiba already had an excellent stage for an undefeated title (Campeonato Paranaense) and a record winning streak unprecedented in football worldwide, getting into the Guinness Book: 24 wins, being broken in the second game of the quarter-final against Palmeiras. The young team led by players like Rafinha, Davi, Marcos Aurélio, Anderson Aquino and the coach Marcelo Oliveira, who continued the work of Ney Franco (who went to the Brazil U-20), charmed and surprised Brazil in the first half of 2011.

Before to that final, the Coritiba had never played a Copa do Brasil finals. His best result in the competition came in 1991, 2001 and 2009, when the team played in the semi-finals in this years.

Road to the Finals[edit]

Vasco da Gama
Opponent Venue Score
Mato Grosso do Sul Comercial (MS) Away 1 - 6
Home was not necessary
Rio Grande do Norte ABC Away 0 – 0
Home 2 – 1
Pernambuco Náutico Capibaribe Away 0 – 3
Home 0 – 0
Paraná (state) Atlético Paranaense Away 2 – 2
Home 1 – 1
Santa Catarina (state) Avaí Home 1 – 1
Away 0 – 2
Opponent Venue Score
Rio Grande do Sul Ypiranga de Erechim Away 0 – 1
Home 2 – 0
Goiás Atlético Goianiense Away 1 – 2
Home 3 – 1
Rio Grande do Sul Caxias do Sul Home 4 – 0
Away 0 – 1
São Paulo (state) Palmeiras Home 6 – 0
Away 2 – 0
Ceará Ceará Away 0 – 0
Home 1 – 0

First leg[edit]

June 1
Vasco da Gama 1–0 Coritiba
Alecsandro Goal 51' Report
Vasco da Gama
GK 1 Brazil Fernando Prass (c)
DF 35 Brazil Allan
DF 25 Brazil Anderson Martins
DF 26 Brazil Dedé
DF 32 Brazil Márcio Careca
MF 37 Brazil Rômulo
MF 8 Brazil Eduardo Costa
MF 6 Brazil Felipe Substituted off 66'
MF 10 Brazil Diego Souza
FW 31 Brazil Bernardo
FW 9 Brazil Alecsandro Substituted off 84'
G 12 Brazil Alessandro
LD 23 Brazil Fagner
V 18 Brazil Jumar
V 21 Brazil Fellipe Bastos Substituted in 66'
M 11 Brazil Jéferson
A 19 Brazil Leandro
A 39 Brazil Élton Substituted in 84'
Brazil Ricardo Gomes
G 1 Brazil Edson Bastos
LD 2 Brazil Jonas
Z 3 Brazil Demerson
Z 4 Brazil Émerson (c)
LE 6 Brazil Lucas Mendes
V 5 Brazil Willian
V 8 Brazil Léo Gago
M 7 Brazil Rafinha
M 10 Brazil Davi Substituted off 73'
A 11 Brazil Anderson Aquino Substituted off 73' Booked
A 9 Brazil Bill Substituted off 70'
G 12 Brazil Vanderlei
LD 13 Brazil Maranhão
Z 14 Brazil Jeci
V 15 Brazil Marcos Paulo Substituted in 73'
M 16 Brazil Tcheco
M 17 Angola Geraldo Substituted in 73'
A 18 Brazil Leonardo Substituted in 70'
Brazil Marcelo Oliveira

Second leg[edit]

June 8
Coritiba 3–2 Vasco da Gama
Bill Goal 29'
Davi Goal 44'
Willian Goal 66'
Report Goal 12' Alecsandro
Goal 57' Éder Luís
Estádio Couto Pereira
Attendance: 31,516
Referee: Sálvio Fagundes (SP / FIFA)
Vasco da Gama
G 1 Brazil Edson Bastos
LD 2 Brazil Jonas
Z 3 Brazil Demerson
Z 4 Brazil Émerson (c)
LE 6 Brazil Lucas Mendes Substituted off 58'
V 5 Brazil Willian
V 8 Brazil Léo Gago Substituted off 59' Booked
V 11 Brazil Marcos Paulo Substituted off 27'
M 7 Brazil Rafinha
M 10 Brazil Davi
A 9 Brazil Bill Booked
G 12 Brazil Vanderlei
Z 13 Brazil Jeci
LE 14 Brazil Eltinho Substituted in 58'
M 15 Brazil Tcheco
M 17 Angola Geraldo
A 16 Brazil Marcos Aurélio Substituted in 59'
A 18 Brazil Leonardo Substituted in 27' Booked
Brazil Marcelo Oliveira
G 1 Brazil Fernando Prass (c)
LD 35 Brazil Allan
Z 25 Brazil Anderson Martins
Z 26 Brazil Dedé
LE 33 Brazil Ramon
V 37 Brazil Rômulo
V 8 Brazil Eduardo Costa Booked
M 6 Brazil Felipe Substituted off 79' Booked
M 10 Brazil Diego Souza Substituted off 79'
A 7 Brazil Éder Luís
A 9 Brazil Alecsandro
G 12 Brazil Alessandro
LD 23 Brazil Fagner
LE 32 Brazil Márcio Careca
V 18 Brazil Jumar Substituted in 79' Booked
V 21 Brazil Fellipe Bastos
M 31 Brazil Bernardo Substituted in 79'
A 39 Brazil Élton
Brazil Ricardo Gomes

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