2011 Judgments of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

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This is a list of the judgments given by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in the year 2011 as of 23 March. So far 19 cases have been decided and these are ordered by Neutral citation.

The table lists judgments made by the court and the opinions of the judges in each case. Judges are treated as having concurred in another's judgment when they either formally attach themselves to the judgment of another or speak only to acknowledge their concurrence with one or more judges. Any judgment which reaches a conclusion which differs from the majority on one or more major points of the appeal has been treated as dissent.

Because every judge in the court is entitled to hand down a judgment, it is not uncommon for 'factions' to be formed who reach the same conclusion in different ways, or for all members of the court to reach the same conclusion in different ways. The table does not reflect this.

Table key[edit]

Delivered a judgment (majority)

Concurred in the judgment of another justice (majority)

Delivered a judgment (dissenting)

Concurred in the judgment of another justice (dissent)

Did not participate in the decision

2011 judgments[edit]

Case name Citation Argued Decided Phillips Hope Saville Rodger Walker Hale Brown Mance Collins Kerr Clarke Dyson Neuberger
R (Coke-Wallis) v Institute of Chartered Accountants [2011] UKSC 1 8–9 November 2010 19 January
Morge (FC) v Hampshire County Council [2011] UKSC 2 8 November 2010 19 January
Yemshaw v Hounslow [2011] UKSC 3 2 December 2010 26 January
ZH (Tanzania) v Home Secretary [2011] UKSC 4 9–10 November 2010 1 February
GPS Inc. v Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad [2009] UKSC 5 28–29 July 2010 1 February
Manchester CC v Pinnock[1] [2011] UKSC 6 5–8 July 2010 9 February
Brent LBC v Risk Management Partners [2011] UKSC 7 8-9,13 December 2010 9 February
Hounslow LBC v Powell[2] [2011] UKSC 8 23–24 November 2010 23 February
R v Forsyth [2011] UKSC 9 6 December 2010 23 February
Sienkiewicz v Greif[2] [2011] UKSC 10 26–28 October 2010 9 March
Patmalniece v Secretary for Work and Pensions [2011] UKSC 11 29–30 November, 1 December 2010 16 March
WL (Congo) v Home Secretary[3] [2011] UKSC 12 15–18 November 2010 23 March
Jones v Kaney[2] [2011] UKSC 13 11–12 January 30 March
Duncombe v Schools Secretary [2011] UKSC 14 17–18 January 30 March
Communities Secretary v Welwyn Hatfield BC [2011] UKSC 15 7–8 February 6 April
Farstad Supply v Enviroco [2011] UKSC 16 19–20 January 6 April
Baker v Quantum Clothing Group [2011] UKSC 17 22–24 November 2010 13 April
R (Adams) v Justice Secretary [2011] UKSC 18 15–17 February 11 May
HMRC v Tower MCashback [2011] UKSC 19 21–22 February 11 May
McCaughey's Application for Judicial Review [2011] UKSC 20 2–3 February 18 May
R (GC) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2011] UKSC 21 31 January - 1 February 18 May
Lucasfilm Limited v Ainsworth
Fraser v HM Advocate [2011] UKSC 24 21–22 March 25 May
Rainy Sky SA and others v Kookmin Bank [2011] UKSC 50 27 July 02 Nov
R v Gnango [2011] UKSC 59 11–12 July 14 December


  1. ^ This case was simply a clarification of details of an order made in the previous judgement at [2010] UKSC 45
  2. ^ a b c An augmented panel of 7 judges sat in this case
  3. ^ An augmented panel of 9 judges sat in this case


  • Lord Saville announced his retirement in 2010. His appearance in GPS Inc. v Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad was his last appearance as a Supreme Court Justice.
  • Lord Neuberger is the Master of the Rolls and was not a full member of the Supreme Court, although is entitled to sit at the court's invitation.
  • The other members of the court are listed in order of seniority. Lord Phillips and Lord Hope were, respectively, the President and Deputy President of the Supreme Court.