2011 Sliven hostage crisis

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2011 Sliven hostage crisis
Location Sliven, Bulgaria
Coordinates 42°41′N 26°20′E / 42.683°N 26.333°E / 42.683; 26.333Coordinates: 42°41′N 26°20′E / 42.683°N 26.333°E / 42.683; 26.333
Date 23 March 2011 – 25 March 2011
Attack type
bank robbery, hostage crisis
Deaths 0
Non-fatal injuries

The 2011 Sliven hostage crisis was a hostage crisis after a bank robbery attempt in a branch of Investbank in Sliven, Bulgaria between 23 and 25 March 2011.[1]

The crisis started after 27-years old Stefan Petrov invaded in the bank around 4 pm on 23 March. He shot 42-years old Stancho Stanev, the bank guard, and took six bank employees hostages.[2] Soon after the Bulgarian Special Forces intervened and some police psychologists started negotiations with the captor.[3] He didn't ask for ransom and gradually liberated all the hostages. The last hostage was liberated 18 hours after the start of the crisis.

After 39 hours, in the morning of 25 March, Petrov surrendered.[4]