2011 Speedway World Cup Race-off

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2011 FIM Speedway World Cup – Race-off
Date 14 July 2011
City Poland Gorzów Wielkopolski
Event 3 of 4 (46)
Referee United Kingdom Jim Lawrence
Jury President Germany Wolfgang Glas
Stadium details
Stadium Edward Jancarz Stadium
Length 329 m
Track speedway track
SWC Results

The 2011 FIM Polska Grupa Energetyczna Speedway World Cup Race-off was the third race of the 2011 Speedway World Cup season. It took place on 11 July 2011 at the Edward Jancarz Stadium in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland.[1]

The top to teams qualifyd to the Final, third and fourth were knocked out of the competition.


Pos. National team Pts.
1  Australia 51
2  Sweden 44
3  Russia 33
4  Great Britain 30

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