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The 2011 Zengcheng riot (6•11事件) began on June 10, 2011 in Xintang town (新塘镇), Zengcheng, Guangdong, China and is ongoing.[needs update] The demonstrators are mainly migrant workers in Xintang.[1]


On June 10, 2011 a 20-year old pregnant woman named Wang Lianmei (王联梅) was manhandled by security personnel in front of a supermarket in Dadun village, Xintang. The security personnel was hired by the local government.[1] In the scuffle the woman fell to the ground and her husband Tang Xuecai (唐学才) was beaten. Both are from Sichuan province.[2]


The incident started late Friday June 10 with the riot lasting several days at Xintang. By June 11 more than a thousand people participated. Cars were smashed, ATMs were broken into. Police were attacked.[3]

At around 9pm Sunday June 12 over 1,000 migrant workers began gathering. The demonstrators marched toward Phoenix city where ranks of police formed a human barricade.[1] Armed police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.[1] Thousands of rioters overturned police cars and set fire to local government offices.[1] About 25 people were arrested, and there were no deaths reported.[3][4]

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