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The following is a list of events affecting Philippine television in 2011. Events listed include television show debuts, finales, cancellations, and channel launches, closures and rebrandings, as well as information about controversies and carriage disputes.



Date Event
20 After 5 years of broadcast, Q ended its commercial operations on Sunday evening.
21 AksyonTV (UHF 41), finally launched as the first News and sports station in the country's free TV.
28 GMA Network's new the first free-to-air news channel in the Philippines on Channel 11, GMA News TV; was officially launched.


Date Event
2 March 2: ETC moves to Radio Philippines Network (VHF 9) from Southern Broadcasting Network (UHF 21). On the other hand, Talk TV (now 9TV) was launched by Solar Television Network for airing on SBN.


Date Event
17 Child actor AJ Perez, died at age of 18 due to vehicular accident.


Date Event
3 BEAM Channel 31 (UHF 31) returns as a test broadcast after 8 years of ceased broadcasting.


Date Event
15 BEAM Channel 31 was now affiliated by Solar Television Network as the 4th free-TV station of the said company, and branded as The Game Channel on August 15, 2011, the first all game show programs on free TV.


Date Event
12 Shamcey Supsup, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2011, was the 3rd Runner-up at Miss Universe 2011 held at Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Date Event
6 Gwendoline Ruais, Miss World-Philippines 2011, was the 1st Runner-up at Miss World 2011 held at London, United Kingdom.
7 Dianne Necio, Bb. Pilipinas International 2011, was placed in Top 15 at Miss International 2011 held at Chengdu, China. She even won the Miss Internet Popularity Award.


Date Event
3 Athena Mae Imperial, Miss Philippines-Earth 2011, was crowned Miss Water at Miss Earth 2011 held at Quezon City.
24 BEAM 31 (The Game Channel) its broadcast every morning and afternoon, to give way to its new sister network station CHASE (now Jack City) every evening block was launched by Solar Television Network.


Date Show Network
January 1 H2O: Just Add Water Q (now GMA News TV)
January 3 Malparida ABS-CBN
The Baker King GMA
January 10 Autumn in My Heart Q (now GMA News TV)
Dwarfina GMA
January 17 Cinderella's Sister ABS-CBN
January 20 American Idol: Season 10 Q (now GMA News TV)
January 21 Tunay Na Buhay GMA
January 22 Wansapanataym presents Buhawi Jack ABS-CBN
January 24 Alakdana GMA
Autumn's Concerto ABS-CBN
Bianong Bulag ABS-CBN
Machete GMA
Swerte Swerte Lang! TV5
January 28 Wanted TV5
January 31 Mutya ABS-CBN
February 7 Babaeng Hampaslupa TV5
I Heart You, Pare! GMA
Kapitan Inggo ABS-CBN
February 12 Happy Yipee Yehey! ABS-CBN
February 13 Luv Crazy TV5
February 14 Green Rose ABS-CBN
Nita Negrita GMA
The Price Is Right ABS-CBN
February 21 Andar ng mga Balita AksyonTV
February 27 Fantastik TV5
Lucky Numbers TV5
Pinoy Samurai TV5
February 28 Brigada GMA News TV
Dobol B sa News TV GMA News TV
IJuander GMA News TV
In the Limelight GMA News TV
Magic Palayok GMA
My Lover, My Wife GMA
News to Go GMA News TV
News TV Live GMA News TV
On Call. Balita. Serbisyo. Ngayon. GMA News TV
Powerhouse GMA News TV
State of the Nation with Jessica Soho GMA News TV
March 1 Best Men GMA News TV
Pop Talk GMA News TV
March 2 Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie GMA News TV
Fashbook GMA News TV
March 3 Investigative Documentaries GMA News TV
March 4 May Tamang Balita GMA News TV
March 5 Balita Pilipinas GMA News TV
Front Row GMA News TV
The Smiths GMA News TV
Weekend Getaway GMA News TV
March 6 Game! GMA News TV
GMA News TV All Sports GMA News TV
Good News kasama si Vicky Morales GMA News TV
Reel Time GMA News TV
March 7 News Light ZOE Broadcasting Network
Iba-Balita Ngayon Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action)
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin ABS-CBN
March 21 Hitman Reborn! (season 4) ABS-CBN
Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak TV5
My Princess ABS-CBN
March 26 Man vs. Beast GMA
Spooky Nights: Bampirella GMA
March 27 The Sharon Cuneta Specials ABS-CBN
March 28 Captain Barbell GMA
Mula Sa Puso ABS-CBN
April 2 Why Not? ABS-CBN
April 3 Good Vibes ABS-CBN
April 4 Family Feud: The Showdown Edition GMA
Frijolito ABS-CBN
Kitchen Superstar GMA
Star Box GMA
Weather Update GMA
April 16 Amazing Cooking Kids GMA
April 30 Mind Master GMA
Spooky Nights: The Ringtone GMA
Tropang Potchi GMA
May 1 World Premiere GMA News TV
May 2 I Am Legend ABS-CBN
Secret Garden GMA
May 7 Quickfire: 10-Minute Kitchen Wonders GMA News TV
May 9 100 Days to Heaven ABS-CBN
Munting Heredera GMA
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ABS-CBN
Price Watch GMA
May 12 Del Monte Kitchenomics GMA News TV
May 14 My Chubby World GMA
May 15 Bagets: Just Got Lucky TV5
May 16 Blusang Itim GMA
May 21 Sabadabadog GMA
May 22 Gandang Gabi, Vice! ABS-CBN
May 24 Iskul Bukol TV5
May 28 Andres de Saya GMA
Dog TV GMA News TV
May 30 Amaya GMA
The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition ABS-CBN
Playful Kiss GMA
Sisid GMA
June 4 R U Kidding Me? TV5
Spooky Nights: Snow White Lady and the 7 Ghosts GMA
Sugo mga Kapatid! TV5
June 5 Armor of God GMA News TV
June 6 Guns and Roses ABS-CBN
June 11 Hamtaro GMA
Master Hamsters GMA
June 12 I-Shine Talent Camp TV GMA
June 13 Sinner or Saint GMA
June 18 Hey, It's Saberdey! TV5
June 20 Marry Me, Mary ABS-CBN
June 27 Kris TV ABS-CBN
July 3 Idol sa Kusina GMA News TV
July 4 Futbolilits GMA
July 9 Follow That Star GMA News TV
July 11 Balita Pilipinas Ngayon GMA News TV
I Dare You ABS-CBN
Pure Love ABS-CBN
Reputasyon ABS-CBN
July 16 Manny Many Prizes GMA
July 17 Jollitown ABS-CBN
July 18 Gourmet GMA
Rod Santiago's The Sisters TV5
July 25 Personalan GMA News TV
Win Mo, Kapuso! GMA
August 1 News TV Quick Response Team GMA News TV
Time Of My Life GMA
August 8 Big Thing GMA
Mondo Manu AksyonTV
August 15 America's Got Talent The Game Channel
Jeopardy! The Game Channel
Minute to Win It The Game Channel
Wheel of Fortune The Game Channel
María la del Barrio ABS-CBN
Pahiram ng Isang Ina GMA
August 22 My Binondo Girl ABS-CBN
August 29 Iglot GMA
September 4 Growing Up ABS-CBN
Protégé: The Battle for the Big Break GMA
September 5 Kumare Klub TV5
Kapatid, Sagot Kita TV5
September 12 Nasaan Ka Elisa? ABS-CBN
September 18 Pinoy Explorer TV5
September 19 Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit GMA
Eyeshield 21 (season 3) ABS-CBN
My Fair Lady ABS-CBN
September 22 The X Factor (U.S.) Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action)
October 3 Sa Ngalan ng Ina TV5
October 8 Ako Ang Simula ABS-CBN
October 9 Tom and Jerry Tales GMA Network
October 10 Budoy ABS-CBN
October 17 Daldalita GMA Network
October 23 Etcetera ETC
Sanib Puwersa GMA
October 24 Gellicious TV5
Mata ng Agila Net 25
October 29 Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited ABS-CBN
October 31 Fairy Tail (Season 1) GMA Network
November 5 Real Confessions TV5
Regal Shocker TV5
The Jose and Wally Show Starring Vic Sotto TV5
Toda Max ABS-CBN
November 14 Kokak GMA
Inazuma Eleven ABS-CBN
Angelito: Batang Ama ABS-CBN
In the Name of Love Telenovela Channel
La Madrastra Telenovela Channel
The Two Sides of Ana Telenovela Channel
November 16 Passion Telenovela Channel
November 21 Ikaw Ay Pag-Ibig ABS-CBN

Network changes[edit]

Date Show Moved from Moved to
October 6 How I Met Your Mother ETC 2nd Avenue



The following is a list of Free-to-Air and Local Cable Networks making noteworthy launches and closures during 2011.


Date Station Channel Source
February 21 AksyonTV 41
February 28 GMA News TV 11
April 8 TGC
November 14 Telenovela Channel SkyCable Channel 60 (now Channel 81)
December 24 CHASE 31

Stations changing network affiliation[edit]

The following is a list of television stations that have made or will make noteworthy network affiliation changes in 2011.

Date Station Channel Prior affiliation New affiliation Source
March 2 RPN 9 Solar TV ETC
SBN 21 ETC Talk TV


Date Station Channel Sign-on debut Source
February 20 Q 11 November 2005
February 25 Solar TV 9 November 2009


  • January 5: Alfredo "Freddie" Vargas Jr., 63, father of actor Alfredo "Alfred" Vargas III, cardiac arrest (born 1947)
  • February 2: Romeo Babao, 73, father of Julius Babao, brain hemorrhage (born 1937)
  • February 12: Ching Arellano, 50, actor and comedian (born 1960)
  • March 3: Paquito Diaz, 73, actor and movie director (born 1937)
  • March 20: John Apacible, 38, model-turned actor, gunshot wound (born 1973)
  • April 17: AJ Perez, 18, actor, vehicular accident (born 1993)
  • September 23: Anthony Linsangan, 31, husband of Camille Prats, nasopharyngeal cancer (born 1979)
  • October 29: Ram Revilla, 23, Filipino actor, half brother of Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. and son of former actor and Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr. (born 1989)
  • October 31: Ricky Pempengco, 43, estranged father of Charice (born 1968)
  • November 11: Lito Calzado, 65, former TV director/choreographer and father of actress Iza Calzado, liver cancer (born 1946)
  • November 23:Magdalena Vargas, 54, mother of teen actor Jhake Vargas colon cancer (born 1957)
  • December 29: Tyron Perez, 26, Filipino actor, TV host, model, former StarStruck Alumni Batch 1 (born 1985)

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