2012 ASIA Kabaddi Cup

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The 2012 Asia Kabaddi cup was the second edition of the circle style

Asia Kabaddi Cup. It was played in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
from 1 to 5 November 2012 with teams from 6 Asian countries.It was won 

by Pakistan who defeated India in the final.

2012 Asia Kabaddi Cup
Tournament information
Administrator(s) Pakistan Kabaddi Federation
Format Circle Style
Tournament format(s)

Round-robin and

Host(s)  Pakistan
Venue(s) Punjab Stadium
Participants 6 Asian countries
← 2011 (previous)


 Pakistan  India  Afghanistan    Nepal  Iran  Sri Lanka


Geo Super

Opening Ceremony[edit]

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Asia Kabaddi Cup was held at [[Punjab Stadium]] in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan on November 1, 2012. The ceremony was aired live on Geo Super.

Prize Money[edit]

The organizers have allocated a cash prize of Rs. 1.5 million (US$15,790) for the winners while the runners-up and third positioned teams will be awarded with cash prizes of US$10,526 and US$5,263 respectively.


All matches' timings were according to Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30).

Group Stage[edit]

Pool A[edit]

1 November 2012
 India 68 – 28  Afghanistan
Punjab Stadium, Lahore

1 November 2012
 Sri Lanka 48 – 33    Nepal
Punjab Stadium, Lahore

2 November 2012
 India 55 – 15  Sri Lanka
Punjab Stadium, Lahore

Pool B[edit]

1 November 2012
 Pakistan 60 – 41  Iran
Punjab Stadium, Lahore

Knockout stage[edit]

Semi-finals Final
4 November – Punjab Stadium, Lahore
  India  71  
  Iran  23  
5 November – Punjab Stadium, Lahore
      India  31
    Pakistan  36
Third place
4 November – Punjab Stadium, Lahore 5 November – Punjab Stadium, Lahore
  Canada  27   Iran  35
  Pakistan  53     Canada  51