2012 American Indoor Football season

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The 2012 American Indoor Football season is the league's seventh overall season, and first under the AIF name. AIF Championship Bowl V was won by the Cape Fear Heroes who defeated the California Eagles and completed a perfect 9-0 record (including playoffs).

2012 American Indoor Football season
League American Indoor Football
Sport Indoor football
AIF Championship Bowl V
Champions Cape Fear Heroes
  Runners-up California Eagles
AIF seasons
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Team Overall
Wins Losses Percentage
Eastern Conference
Cape Fear Heroes[1] 7 0 1.000
Harrisburg Stampede 6 1 .857
Carolina Force[2] 4 3 .571
Macon Steel 1 5 .167
Maryland Reapers 1 5 .167
Tri-State Readhawks
Virginia Badgers
Western Conference
Arizona Outlaws
California Eagles
Nevada Lynx
North Alameda Knights
Ontario Warriors[3] 7 0 1.000
  • Green indicates clinched playoff berth
  • Purple indicates division champion
  • Grey indicates suspended from league


  Eastern Division     Eastern Finals
    E2  Harrisburg 32
  E3  Carolina 20     E1  Cape Fear 57
  E2  Harrisburg 68  
AIFA Championship Bowl V[4]
W1 California 27
E1 Cape Fear 79