2012 Continental Indoor Football League season

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2012 CIFL season
League Continental Indoor Football League
Sport Indoor Football
Duration March 10, 2012 – May 19, 2012
Regular season
Season champions Saginaw Sting
Season MVP Tommy Jones
2012 CIFL
2012 CIFL champions Saginaw Sting
  Runners-up Dayton Silverbacks
2012 CIFL MVP Jeff Austin
CIFL seasons

The 2012 Continental Indoor Football League season was the Continental Indoor Football League seventh overall season. The regular season started on Saturday March 10, with the expansion Port Huron Patriots defeating the expansion Chicago Vipers 52-49 at McMorran Arena,[1] and ended with the 2012 CIFL Championship Game, the league's championship game, on June 2, 2012, at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan where the Saginaw Sting defeated the Dayton Silverbacks 35–7.


For the first time in the past 3 years, the league's schedule was unbalanced. Teams had been playing each team twice for a total for ten games, but in 2012 some teams will play one team 3 times, and another team just once.

Highlights of the 2012 schedule are a home and home battle for the Michigan Cup between the Patriots and Saginaw Sting. Those games will take place on April 14 in Port Huron and April 20 in Saginaw. The Indianapolis Enforcers and Evansville Rage will have a similar challenge as they meet three times during the season, March 17 and April 21 in Evansville and Mother's Day weekend on May 12 in Indianapolis.

The top four teams were supposed to qualify for the playoffs, which were to begin on the weekend of May 26. The playoff format would have #1 hosting #4 and #2 hosting #3. The 2012 CIFL Championship Game will be held on June 2. The playoffs could start on June 2 if voted on by the owners prior to the season in order to miss Memorial Day weekend.[2] But, the league decided to shorten the playoffs. This left the Port Huron Patriots and the Evansville Rage both out of the playoffs, and Dayton and Saginaw into the CIFL Championship Game[3]

Scheduling changes[edit]

The following regular season games were moved either by way of ownership change:

  • Week 5: The PythonsSting game was canceled due to the Pythons ownership change midseason. The game was postposted and re-scheduled, only to be played if the game would have playoff implications.[4] The game later proved to have no playoff implications.
  • Week 11: the Sting-Rage game was canceled due to the Sting already making the playoffs and not wanting to play the game. The Pythons instead chose to play the Rage in Week 11.

Regular season standings[edit]

2012 Continental Indoor Football League
Team W L T PCT PF PA PF (Avg.) PA (Avg.) STK
x-Saginaw Sting 8 0 0 1.000 482 175 60.3 21.9 W 8
x-Dayton Silverbacks 8 1 0 .889 408 218 45.3 24.2 L 1
Evansville Rage 7 3 0 .700 392 308 39.2 30.8 W 3
Port Huron Patriots 4 6 0 .400 316 319 31.6 31.9 W 1
Indianapolis Enforcers 1 9 0 .100 162 565 16.2 56.5 L 6
Chicago Pythons 0 9 0 .000 207 383 23 42.5 L 9

y - clinched regular-season title

x - clinched playoff spot


2012 CIFL Championship Game
1 Saginaw Sting 35
2 Dayton Silverbacks 7

Rule changes[edit]

There were not major rule changes, but the game ball was changed from the golden color they have used since 2009. The new ball returns to a traditional brown color that can be seen in the NFL, as well as white stripes are painted on each end of the ball, halfway around the circumference, to improve indoor visibility.


The CIFL continues to offer live stats and streaming audio for its games using the Gamecenter on www.CIFLFootball.com, but individual teams are still allowed to contract out their radio and TV broadcasts to local media stations.

The following is a list of media outlets that were used by their respective teams throughout the season:

Team Station Type
Dayton Silverbacks Troy5 TV
Dayton Silverbacks Wave96 Radio/Internet
Evansville Rage ESPN Radio 106.7 Radio
Evansville Rage 1590AM WRCY Radio
Evansville Rage 102.3 WBTO Radio
Port Huron Patriots Michigan Regional Sports Network (MRSN) Internet
Saginaw Sting MRSN Internet

Coaching changes[edit]


Team 2012 Coach 2011 Coach(es) Reason for leaving Story/Accomplishments
Dayton Silverbacks Mister Askew/
James Scott
Derrick Shepard Resigned Shepard resigned on June 15, 2011. Shepard lead the Silverbacks to a 5-5 record in 2011, the highest single season winning percentage in team history, and lead the team to its second straight playoff appearance. Shepard ranks second on the franchises wins total for a head coach.[5]

On September 7, 2011, it was announced that Mister Askew would be named the 6th coach in Silverbacks history.[6]

On March 1, just ten days before the season started, the Silverback fired Head Coach Mister Askew. The reasons for his termination have yet to be determined.[7] He was replaced by James Scott, who had been hired as the defensive coordinator.

Saginaw Sting Jeff Townsend John Mize/Vince Leveille (Interim) Fired On December 29, 2011, the Sting announced that 2011 interim head coach Vince Leveille would return as the full-time head coach for the 2012 season,[8] but just 11 days before the team's first game, Leveille stepped down as the head coach, citing that his full-time job made him unavailable to do both. Defensive Coordinator Fred Townsend took over as the team's head coach.[9]

Leveille replaced John Mize, who was dismissed after losing back to back one point games.[10]


Team 2012 head coach Interim head coach Reason for leaving Story/Accomplishments
Port Huron Patriots John Forti Dave Kinsman Fired Forti compiled a 1-2 (.333) record, after just three games. Ownership cited Forti's decision to hire his friends as assistant coaches and not make the best choices for the team as their reason for Forti's termination.[11]

Records and milestones[edit]

  • Most interceptions in a game by a single team: 7, Dayton (vs. Indianapolis, March 11, 2012)
  • Most interceptions thrown in a game by a single player: 7, Anthony Duckett (Indianapolis, March 11, 2012)
  • Most points scored in a game by a single team: 91, Saginaw (vs. Indianapolis, March 25, 2012)


Award Winner Position Team
CIFL MVP Tommy Jones Quarterback Saginaw Sting
Offensive Player of the Year Tommy Jones Quarterback Saginaw Sting
Defensive Player of the Year Melvin Thomas Defensive Back Dayton Silverbacks
Special Teams Player of the Year Charles Tarver Wide Receiver Saginaw Sting
Coach of the Year James Scott Head Coach Dayton Silverbacks


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