2012 South American Rugby Championship "C"

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1° Campeonato Sudamericano de Rugby C
Tournament details
Host nation  Guatemala
Date 5–8 December 2012
Countries  Costa Rica
 El Salvador
Final positions
Champions  Costa Rica
Tournament statistics
Matches played 6

The Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby (CONSUR) Championship C Division Championship took place between 2–8 December 2012 at Estadio de la Democracia in Guatemala City, Guatemala.[1] This was the first time CONSUR has run a 3rd division championship.

Guatemala hosted Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, with the tournament played over three games days. The tournament was conducted as a single round robin tournament.

Due to visa and travel issues, only 8 players from the Ecuador team had arrived by the first game day. As such, a game between Guatemala and a mix of the Ecuadorian players and local players was played as an exhibition game, which resulted in a 40-0 victory for the Guatemala national team. The game was officially awarded to Guatemala as a walkover, by a score of 5-0.

Costa Rica were the champions of the tournament, beating Guatemala in the final round to win the championship. Guatemala were runners up, with Ecuador finishing third, after a victory over El Salvador on the final day.[2]

2012 CONSUR C Championship[edit]

Place Nation Games Points Table
played won drawn lost for against diff
1  Costa Rica 3 3 0 0 127 21 +106 9
2  Guatemala 3 2 0 1 69 49 +20 6
3  Ecuador 3 1 0 2 54 38 +16 3
4  El Salvador 3 0 0 3 15 157 -142 0

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