2012 Yemeni President Cup

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2012 Yemeni President Cup
Country  Yemen
Champions Al-Ahli Ta'izz
Runners-up Al-Tali'aa Taizz

The 2012 Yemeni President Cup is the 14th edition to be held and back after a years absence due to the 2011 Yemeni revolution.

The winners qualify for the 2013 AFC Cup.

The competition started in October with a Preliminary Round featuring four sides. The winners advance to the round of 32 and then so on in a knockout basis played over one game.

Preliminary Round[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Al Shabab Ibb Yemen 1-0 Yemen Al Shabab October
Al-Tali'aa Taizz Yemen (w/o) 1 Yemen Al Ahly Al Hadyadh
1 Al Ahly Al Hadyadh left the field during play and the result was awarded 3:0 to Al-Tali'aa Taizz

Round of 32[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Tadamon Shapwah Yemen 2-1 Yemen Al Shabab Ibb
Al-Hilal Al-Sahili Yemen 3-0 Yemen Tadamon Al Mukalla
Al-Shula Yemen 3-0 Yemen Shebam Hadramout
Najm Sba Yemen 0-0 (3-1) Yemen Shabab Al Baydaa
Shmsan Yemen 2-3 Yemen Al-Tali'aa Taizz
Nasser Aden Yemen 3-2 Yemen Al Ittihad Ibb
Nasser Al Talla Yemen 0-0 (4-2) Yemen Al Wahda Aden
Al Rasheed Ta'izz Yemen 0-2 Yemen Al Ahli Sana'a
Al-Oruba Zabid Yemen 0-0 (8-9) Yemen Al-Sha'ab Hadramaut
Al Tilal Yemen 3-0 Yemen Al Saqr
Salam Al-Garfa Yemen 0-0 (3-4) Yemen Khanfar
Al-Ahli Ta'izz Yemen 2-1 Yemen Al Wahda Sana'a
Seuon Yemen 1-0 Yemen Al Yarmuk Al Rawda
May 22 San'a' Yemen 1-1 (4-3) Yemen Al Sha'ab Sana'a
Al Shrth Yemen (w/o) 1 Yemen Shabab Al Jeel
Hassan Yemen (w/o) 2 Yemen Al Fateh
1 Shabab Al Jeel failed to turn up and the result was awarded 3:0 to Al Shrth
2 Hassan failed to turn up and the result was awarded 3:0 to Al Fateh

Round of 16[edit]

Quarter Finals[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Al Fateh Yemen 0-2 Yemen Al-Tali'aa Taizz
May 22 San'a' Yemen 1-1 (0-3) Yemen Al-Hilal Al-Sahili
Nasser Aden Yemen 1-2 Yemen Al-Ahli Ta'izz
Al Tilal Yemen 2-1 Yemen Al Ahli Sana'a

Semi Finals[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Al-Ahli Ta'izz Yemen 0-0 (9-8) Yemen Al Tilal
Al-Tali'aa Taizz Yemen 1-0 Yemen Al-Hilal Al-Sahili