2013 European Cross Country Championships

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2013 European Cross Country Championships
2013 European Cross Country Championships
Organisers EAA
Edition 20th
Date 8 December
Host city Belgrade, Serbia
Races 6
Distances 9.880 km – Men
8.050 km – Women
8.050 km – U23 men
6.025 km – U23 women
6.025 km – Junior men
4.000 km – Junior women

The 2013 European Cross Country Championships was the 20th edition of the cross country running competition for European athletes which was held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 8 December 2013. The senior individual winners were Alemayehu Bezabeh of Spain and Sophie Duarte of France.[1] A record 571 runners from 37 nations entered the competition, making it Serbia's largest international athletics event in over forty years.[2]

In the women's senior race Ireland's Fionnuala Britton was the defending champion,[3] but she failed to win a third straight title and ended the race in fourth. Sophie Duarte took the lead in the penultimate lap and ran on her own over the last lap to take her first European gold medal at the age of 32. The 2011 minor medallists Ana Dulce Félix of Portugal and Great Britain's Gemma Steel closely raced each other in the final lap, with the British runner gaining the edge over the Portuguese on this occasion. Steel headed the British women to the team title, while Duarte led France to second and Spain took the bronze medals.[4][5]

Andrea Lalli entered the men's senior race as champion and fellow 2012 medallists Hassan Chahdi and Daniele Meucci were also present.[6] None of the three reached the podium on this occasion. The leading pack was soon whittled to two runners: 2009 champion Alemayehu Bezabeh and (despite an early fall) Polat Kemboi Arıkan of Turkey. Bezabeh extended his lead to over twenty seconds by the time he crossed the finish line. Arıkan was a clear second and British athlete Andy Vernon produced a fast finish to edge Belgium's Jeroen D'Hoedt to the bronze medal. Bezabeh headed up the Spanish team victory, followed by D'Hoedt's Belgium and Vernon's British side.[7]

In the under-23 races Pieter-Jan Hannes of Belgium won the men's race and Great Britain topped the team rankings.[8] Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands was dominant in the women's under-23 race, where the British under-23 team easily won the team gold with five women in the top eight.[9] The junior men's race saw Turkey's Ali Kaya come out on top in a two-man race against Belgium's Isaac Kimeli.[10] Women's junior champion Emelia Gorecka won a fourth straight junior team title for Great Britain and also her fourth straight podium finish (she previously won the title in 2011). She was unrivalled and won by a margin of ten seconds.[11]

Three of the six event winners (Alemayehu Bezabeh, Sifan Hassan and Ali Kaya) were born in East Africa and gained European citizenship. Three of the individual silver medallists were also born outside of Europe: Arıkan in the men's senior race, Kimeli in the men's junior race, and Sofia Ennaoui in the women's junior race. This prompted concern of growing African participation in the European event – the falling interest in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, partly due to a prolonged period of African dominance of the competition, had recently led to the world event being reduced to a biennial event.[12][13] Excitement over Bezabeh's large margin of victory was also tempered by discussion of his doping ban stemming from Operación Galgo, which had expired at the beginning of the year.[14]

Race results[edit]

Senior men[edit]

Individual race
Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Alemayehu Bezabeh  Spain 29:11
Silver medal icon.svg Polat Kemboi Arıkan  Turkey 29:32
Bronze medal icon.svg Andy Vernon  Great Britain 29:35
4 Jeroen D'Hoedt  Belgium 29:35
5 Hassan Chahdi  France 29:40
6 Mohamed Marhum  Spain 29:46
7 Richard Ringer  Germany 29:49
8 Bashir Abdi  Belgium 29:53
9 Koen Naert  Belgium 29:54
10 El Hassane Ben Lkhainouch  France 29:56
11 Iván Fernández  Spain 29:58
12 Tom Farrell  Great Britain 29:59
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Spain
Antonio Dávid Jímenez
Antonio Abadía
Javier Guerra
Silver medal icon.svg  Belgium
Soufiane Bouchikhi
Lander Tijtgat
Abdelhadi El Hachimi
Bronze medal icon.svg  Great Britain
Keith Gerrard
Adam Hickey
Charlie Hulson
Frank Tickner
4  France 66
5  Germany 69
6  Ireland 90
7  Turkey 105
8  Italy 151

Senior women[edit]

Individual race
Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Sophie Duarte  France 26:34
Silver medal icon.svg Gemma Steel  Great Britain 26:39
Bronze medal icon.svg Dulce Félix  Portugal 26:41
4 Fionnuala Britton  Ireland 26:45
5 Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal  Norway 26:52
6 Almensh Belete  Belgium 27:00
7 Julia Bleasdale  Great Britain 27:02
8 Veronica Inglese  Italy 27:12
9 Carla Salomé Rocha  Portugal 27:13
10 Iris Maria Fuentes-Pila  Spain 27:17
11 Lauren Howarth  Great Britain 27:18
12 Clémence Calvin  France 27:25
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Great Britain
Steph Twell
Katie Brough
Lauren Deadman
Silver medal icon.svg  France
Christine Bardelle
Laila Traby
Laurane Picoche
Claire Perraux
Bronze medal icon.svg  Spain
Diana Martín
Lidia Rodríguez
Marta Silvestre
Teresa Urbina
Alba García
4  Italy 97
5  Portugal 109
6  Ireland 115
7  Turkey 117
8  Czech Republic 197

Under-23 men[edit]

Individual race
Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Pieter-Jan Hannes  Belgium 24:02
Silver medal icon.svg Mitko Tsenov  Bulgaria 24:07
Bronze medal icon.svg Nemanja Cerovac  Serbia 24:08
4 Ivan Strebkov  Ukraine 24:10
5 Luke Caldwell  Great Britain 24:13
6 Ørjan Grønnevig  Norway 24:15
7 Callum Hawkins  Great Britain 24:18
8 Michele Fontana  Italy 24:19
9 Paul Robinson  Ireland 24:22
10 Henrik Ingebrigtsen  Norway 24:23
11 Dmytro Siruk  Ukraine 24:23
12 Jonathan Hay  Great Britain 24:24
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Great Britain
Dewi Griffiths
Richard Goodman
Jack Goodwin
Silver medal icon.svg  Ukraine
Oleksandr Kuzmichov
Igor Porozov
Bronze medal icon.svg  France
Romain Collenot-Spriet
Francois Barrer
Djilali Bedrani
Youssef Mekdafou
Michael Gras
Sofiane Boulekouane

Under-23 women[edit]

Individual race
Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Sifan Hassan  Netherlands 19:40
Silver medal icon.svg Amela Terzić  Serbia 19:46
Bronze medal icon.svg Charlotte Purdue  Great Britain 19:49
4 Kate Avery  Great Britain 19:56
5 Lily Partridge  Great Britain 20:10
6 Liv Westphal  France 20:21
7 Rhona Auckland  Great Britain 20:25
8 Laura Weightman  Great Britain 20:28
9 Corinna Harrer  Germany 20:32
10 Gulshat Fazlitdinova  Russia 20:37
11 Ekaterina Sokolenko  Russia 20:45
12 Svetlana Riazantceva  Russia 20:47
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Great Britain
Jessica Andrews
Silver medal icon.svg  Russia
Luiza Litvinova
Anna Fedorova
Bronze medal icon.svg  Netherlands
Maureen Koster
Irene Van Lieshout
Marlin Van Hal

Junior men[edit]

Individual race
Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Ali Kaya  Turkey 17:49
Silver medal icon.svg Isaac Kimeli  Belgium 17:51
Bronze medal icon.svg Mikhail Strelkov  Russia 18:05
4 Jonathan Davies  Great Britain 18:06
5 Lorenzo Dini  Italy 18:06
6 Alexandre Saddedine  France 18:12
7 Yemaneberhan Crippa  Italy 18:14
8 Steven Casteele  Belgium 18:16
9 Seán Tobin  Ireland 18:18
10 Viktor Bakharev  Russia 18:20
11 Aleksandr Novikov  Russia 18:22
12 Medhi Belhadj  France 18:22
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  France
Alexis Miellet
Maxime Hueber Moosbrugger
Theodore Klein
Hamza Habjaoui
Silver medal icon.svg  Russia
Vildan Gadelshin
Alexey Vikulov
Bronze medal icon.svg  Italy
L. Dini
Y. Crippa
Samuele Dini
Nekagenet Crippa
Osama Zoghlami
Italo Quazzola

Junior women[edit]

Individual race
Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Emelia Gorecka  Great Britain 13:06
Silver medal icon.svg Sofia Ennaoui  Poland 13:16
Bronze medal icon.svg Marusa Mismas  Slovenia 13:27
4 Georgia Taylor-Brown  Great Britain 13:31
5 Alina Reh  Germany 13:34
6 Aleksandra Guliaeva  Russia 13:38
7 Maria Larsson  Sweden 13:39
8 Bobby Clay  Great Britain 13:40
9 Emine Hatun Tuna  Turkey 13:40
10 Maya Rehberg  Germany 13:41
11 Jessica Gibbon  Great Britain 13:41
12 Ebba Andersson  Sweden 13:44
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Great Britain
Lydia Turner
Amy Griffiths
Silver medal icon.svg  Sweden
Isabelle Brauer
Tova Euren-Magnussen
Agnes Sjostrom
Bronze medal icon.svg  Germany
Caerina Granz
Vera Coutellier
Lea Meyer
Tatjana Schulte

Medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Great Britain 5 1 3 9
2  France 2 1 1 4
3  Spain 2 0 1 3
4  Belgium 1 2 0 3
5  Turkey 1 1 0 2
6  Netherlands 1 0 1 2
7  Russia 0 2 1 3
8  Serbia 0 1 1 2
9=  Bulgaria 0 1 0 1
9=  Poland 0 1 0 1
9=  Sweden 0 1 0 1
9=  Ukraine 0 1 0 1
14=  Germany 0 0 1 1
14=  Italy 0 0 1 1
14=  Portugal 0 0 1 1
14=  Slovenia 0 0 1 1
Total 12 12 12 36


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