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Speedy Services UK Open
Tournament information
Dates 6–9 June 2013
Venue Reebok Stadium
Location Bolton
Country United Kingdom
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Legs
Final – best of 21
Prize fund £200,000
Winners share £40,000
Nine dart finish England Wes Newton
England Phil Taylor
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The 2013 Speedy Services UK Open was a darts tournament staged in the UK by the Professional Darts Corporation. It was the eleventh year of the tournament where, following numerous regional qualifying heats throughout Britain, players competed in a single elimination tournament to be crowned champion. The tournament was held at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton over 6–9 June 2013, and has the nickname, the "FA Cup of darts" as a random draw is staged after each round until the final. Phil Taylor won the title, defeating Andy Hamilton 11–4 in the final to claim his fifth UK Open title.[1]

Format and qualifiers[edit]

2013 UK Open Qualifiers[edit]

There were eight qualifying events staged across England between February and April 2013 to determine the UK Open Order of Merit Table. The tournament winners were:

No. Date Venue Winner Legs Runner-Up Ref.
1 Saturday 23 February K2 Centre, Crawley Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–2 England Dave Chisnall [2]
2 Sunday 24 February Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–2 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan [3]
3 Saturday 16 March Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–2 England Michael Smith [4]
4 Sunday 17 March Robert Thornton Scotland 6–4 England Jamie Caven [5]
5 Saturday 13 April Simon Whitlock Australia 6–1 Netherlands Michael van Gerwen [6]
6 Sunday 14 April Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–5 Belgium Kim Huybrechts [7]
7 Saturday 27 April Kim Huybrechts Belgium 6–2 Canada John Part [8]
8 Sunday 28 April Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–0 England Mervyn King [9]

The tournament features 146 players. The results of the eight qualifiers shown above were collated into the UK Open Order Of Merit. The top 32 players in the Order of Merit, who played a minimum of two events, received a place at the final tournament. In addition, the next 82 players in the Order of Merit list qualified for the tournament, but needed to start in the earlier rounds played on the Thursday. A further 32 players qualified via regional qualifying tournaments.

Top 32 in Order of Merit (receiving byes into Third Round)[edit]

Number 33-64 of the Order of Merit (receiving byes into Second Round)[edit]

Remaining Order of Merit qualifiers (starting in First and Preliminary Round)[edit]

  1. England Adrian Gray
  2. England James Wade
  3. Netherlands Leon de Geus
  4. England Matt Padgett
  5. Republic of Ireland Connie Finnan
  6. England Dave Weston
  7. England Justin Pipe
  8. England Nick Fullwell
  9. England Tony West
  10. England Chris Aubrey
  11. Germany Tomas Seyler
  12. Netherlands Gino Vos
  13. Republic of Ireland Paddy Meaney
  14. England Steve Brown
  15. England Scott Coleman
  16. England Darren Johnson
  17. England Mark Dudbridge
  18. England Steve Farmer
  19. England Dean Winstanley
  20. Netherlands Vincent van der Voort
  21. Republic of Ireland William O'Connor
  22. England Dave Place
  23. England Jason Wilson
  24. England Ted Hankey
  25. Northern Ireland Campbell Jackson
  26. England John Scott
  27. England Steve Hine
  28. England Alan Derrett
  29. England Andy Parsons
  30. Netherlands Roland Scholten
  31. England James Hubbard
  32. Germany Bernd Roith
  33. Spain Antonio Alcinas
  34. England Shaun Griffiths
  35. England Keegan Brown
  36. Austria Mensur Suljović
  37. Hong Kong Royden Lam
  38. England Wayne Jones
  39. England Colin Osborne
  40. England David Copley
  41. England Gareth Cousins
  42. Republic of Ireland Keith Rooney
  43. England Mark Lawrence
  44. England Kirk Shepherd
  45. England Gareth Pass
  46. India Prakash Jiwa
  47. Wales Jamie Lewis
  48. England Matthew Dennant
  49. England Vernon Sheppard
  50. England Johnny Haines

Speedy qualifiers[edit]

32 players qualified from Speedy qualifiers held at four venues across Britain in April.

Prize money[edit]

For the fifth consecutive UK Open the prize fund will be £200,000.[14]

Stage (no. of players) Prize money
Winner (1) £40,000
Runner-Up (1) £20,000
Semi-finalists (2) £10,000
Quarter-finalists (4) £6,000
Last 16 (Round 5) (8) £4,000
Last 32 (Round 4) (16) £2,000
Last 64 (Round 3) (32) £1,000



Thursday 6 June; Best of nine legs[edit]

Preliminary round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
England Robbie Green 2–5 England James Wade Netherlands Vincent van der Voort 5–4 Scotland Andy Murray
England Nick Fullwell 1–5 England Wayne Jones England Colin Osborne 5–3 England Steve Hine
England Steve Farmer 5–3 England Chris Aubrey England Stuart Lowe 1–5 England Jake Pennington
Netherlands Gino Vos 5–3 England Alan Derrett England Keegan Brown 5–3 Republic of Ireland Keith Rooney
England Stephen Bunting 5–0 England Vernon Shepherd Republic of Ireland Connie Finnan 5–2 Northern Ireland Campbell Jackson
England Scott Coleman 5–0 England Mark McGeeney England Mickey Musto 1–5 Germany Bernd Roith
Austria Maik Langendorf 5–2 England Tony Martin England Darren Johnson 5–3 Spain Antonio Alcinas
Hong Kong Royden Lam 5–2 Republic of Ireland Paddy Meaney England Tony West 5–3 Wales Jamie Lewis
Scotland Tam Dymond 1–5 England Gavin Baker England Terry Dunford 1–5 England Dean Stewart

First round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
Republic of Ireland Conan Whitehead 5–4 Netherlands Roland Scholten England James Hubbard 5–2 England John Scott
England Mark Lawrence 5–4 Austria Mensur Suljović England Darrell Thorpe 0–5 England Stephen Bunting
England Dave Weston 5–4 England Dean Winstanley England Paul Whitworth 2–5 England Andy Boulton
England Justin Pipe 2–5 England Gareth Pass England Steve Farmer 2–5 England Gaz Cousins
England Michael Burgoine 5–0 England Darren Twist England James Wade 5–0 England Matt Gallett
India Prakash Jiwa 5–2 England Darren Johnson Scotland Gary Stone 5–4 Austria Maik Langendorf
England Jay Wilson 5–2 Germany Tomas Seyler England Steve Brown 4–5 England Adrian Gray
England Gavin Baker 4–5 England Dave Place England Tony West 3–5 England Jake Pennington
England Andy Parsons 5–3 Scotland Jamie Hagan Scotland Andrew McNicol 2–5 England Steven Mead
Germany Bernd Roith 3–5 England Ted Hankey England Shaun Griffiths 2–5 England Keegan Brown
England Michael Bushby 5–4 England John Mortimer England Nigel Daniels 1–5 England Johnny Haines
England Scott Coleman 3–5 England Scott Marsh Republic of Ireland Connie Finnan 5–1 Netherlands Gino Vos
England Matthew Dennant 5–3 England Darrell Townsend England Matt Padgett 5–0 England David Copley
England Dean Stewart 5–3 Scotland Gus Santana Netherlands Vincent van der Voort 3–5 England Kirk Shepherd
England Robbie Singleton 1–5 Republic of Ireland William O'Connor Netherlands Leon de Geus 3–5 Scotland Scott Robertson
England Colin Osborne 5–4 England Mark Dudbridge England Wayne Jones 5–3 Hong Kong Royden Lam

Second round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
England Ricky Sudale 4–5 Wales Richie Burnett England Kevin Dowling 1–5 England Phil Taylor
England Matthew Edgar 5–4 England Colin Osborne England Ted Hankey 5–1 England Dave Weston
England Alex Roy 4–5 England Mark Cox England Jake Pennington 3–5 England Steve West
Sweden Magnus Caris 1–5 England Kirk Shepherd England Joey Palfreyman 5–3 England Keegan Brown
England Adam Hunt 5–1 England Paul Amos England Scott Marsh 0–5 Germany Jyhan Artut
Republic of Ireland Connie Finnan 4–5 England Adrian Gray England Stephen Bunting 5–2 England Jay Wilson
England Colin Fowler 4–5 England Matt Padgett Scotland Gary Stone 1–5 England Dennis Smith
England James Wade 5–0 England Wayne Jones England Steve Mead 3–5 England Dean Stewart
Netherlands Co Stompé 4–5 Northern Ireland Michael Mansell England Peter Hudson 4–5 England Mark Lawrence
England James Hubbard 3–5 England Andy Smith England Michael Bushby 1–5 Scotland Jim Walker
England Mark Walsh 4–5 England Lee Palfreyman England Arron Monk 2–5 England Gaz Cousins
Scotland Scott Robertson 4–5 England Andy Boulton England Gareth Pass 4–5 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen
England Ricky Evans 2–5 England Joe Cullen England Terry Temple 5–1 India Prakash Jiwa
England Dave Place 2–5 Scotland John Henderson Republic of Ireland William O'Connor 5–2 England Johnny Haines
England Andy Jenkins 5–4 England Nigel Heydon England Michael Burgoine 4–5 England Richie Howson
Wales Kevin Thomas 1–5 Republic of Ireland Conan Whitehead England Matthew Dennant 5–2 England Andy Parsons

Friday 7 June; Best of seventeen legs[edit]

Third round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
Wales Mark Webster 2–9 Wales Richie Burnett Canada John Part 9–4 England Ted Hankey
England Phil Taylor 9–0 Belgium Ronny Huybrechts Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–5 England Mervyn King
Belgium Kim Huybrechts 9–5 Germany Jyhan Artut Australia Simon Whitlock 4–9 England Wes Newton
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 9–8 England Michael Smith England Adrian Lewis 9–1 England Matthew Dennant
England Steve West 9–3 England Ian White England Matt Padgett 9–2 England Richie Howson
England Mark Lawrence 4–9 England Terry Temple Republic of Ireland Conan Whitehead (Q) 8–9 Northern Ireland Michael Mansell
England Kevin McDine 9–8 England Adam Hunt Scotland Peter Wright 9–4 England Gaz Cousins
England Steve Beaton 5–9 England Joey Palfreyman England Adrian Gray 9–5 England Dean Stewart (Q)
Scotland John Henderson 9–7 England Scott Rand England Dave Chisnall 9–4 Republic of Ireland William O'Connor
England James Wade 9–7 England Jamie Caven Scotland Robert Thornton 9–7 England Matthew Edgar
England John Bowles 9–5 Australia Paul Nicholson England Terry Jenkins 9–7 Scotland Jim Walker
Canada Ken MacNeil 8–9 England Ronnie Baxter England Andy Hamilton 9–6 England Andy Boulton (Q)
England Stephen Bunting (Q) 9–3 England Andy Jenkins England Kirk Shepherd 9–7 England Mark Cox
England Stuart Kellett 9–3 England Dennis Smith England Kevin Painter 9–1 Scotland Jason Hogg
England Lee Palfreyman 9–5 England Joe Cullen England Ross Smith 7–9 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen
Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan 9–8 England Colin Lloyd Scotland Gary Anderson 9–7 England Andy Smith

Saturday 8 June; Best of seventeen legs[edit]

Fourth round[edit]


Player Score Player Player Score Player
England Ronnie Baxter 9–6 England Lee Palfreyman Canada John Part 4–9 England Andy Hamilton
England Terry Jenkins 9–6 Belgium Kim Huybrechts England Terry Temple 9–7 England John Bowles
England Wes Newton 8–9 England Adrian Lewis Scotland Gary Anderson 7–9 England Kevin Painter
Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan 9–6 England Matt Padgett Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–3 Northern Ireland Michael Mansell
Scotland Robert Thornton 9–5 England Kirk Shepherd England Kevin McDine 8–9 Scotland John Henderson
England Stephen Bunting (Q) 2–9 Scotland Peter Wright England Dave Chisnall 2–9 England James Wade
England Joey Palfreyman 3–9 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld England Steve West 9–6 Wales Richie Burnett
England Phil Taylor 9–2 England Adrian Gray Netherlands Jelle Klaasen 9–3 England Stuart Kellett

† Newton hit a nine-dart finish, having thrown 180, 180, and 141 to finish the leg.

Fifth round[edit]


Player Score Player
England Steve West 4–9 Scotland Peter Wright
England Andy Hamilton 9–1 England Terry Temple
England Ronnie Baxter 9–7 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen
Scotland John Henderson 4–9 England James Wade
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 9–7 Scotland Robert Thornton
England Phil Taylor 9–8 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–3 England Terry Jenkins
England Adrian Lewis 9–4 England Kevin Painter

Sunday 9 June[edit]

Quarter-finals; Best of nineteen legs[edit]


Player Score Player
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (95.32) 10–9 England Ronnie Baxter (97.13)
England Andy Hamilton (98.25) 10–8 England James Wade (97.33)
England Phil Taylor (106.56) 10–7 Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (101.67)
Scotland Peter Wright (98.82) 10–6 England Adrian Lewis (93.57)

Semi-finals and Final[edit]

(best of 19)
(best of 21)
 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 9  
 England Andy Hamilton 10  
     England Andy Hamilton 4
   England Phil Taylor 11
 England Phil Taylor 10
 Scotland Peter Wright 5  

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