2013 Women's European Roller Hockey U-17 Championship

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2013 European Women's U-17 Euro
Tournament details
Host country  Germany
Dates 1 – 7 September
Venue(s) Wuppertal (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions  France (1st title)
Runners-up  Germany 1
Third place  Germany 1
Fourth place  Switzerland

The 2013 Women's European Roller Hockey U-17 Championship was the 1st edition (non-official) of the European Women's Roller Hockey Juvenile Championship organized by the German roller hockey club SC Moskitos Wuppertal, after the cancellation of the official edition by CERH due to lack of participating teams. In this competition participated the national teams of Switzerland, France and two teams of Germany (1 with 5 players, mainly from SC Moskitos, and the other team with 6 players).[1]

Round-robin Stage[edit]

  France Germany 1 Switzerland Germany 2
 France 7-0
 Germany 1 2-1
 Switzerland 2-1
 Germany 2

Championship knock-out[edit]

Semi-finals Final
3-Nov-13 10:00
   France   V  
   Germany 2   D  
3-Nov-13 13:30
       France   4
     Germany 1   3
Third place
3-Nov-13 11:10 3-Nov-13 12:20
   Switzerland   2    Switzerland   1
   Germany 1   4      Germany 2   3

Final Classification[edit]

Pos Team
Gold medal icon.svg  France
Silver medal icon.svg  Germany 1
Bronze medal icon.svg  Germany 2
4  Switzerland
2013 European Champions


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