2014–15 Volvo Ocean Race

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The 2014–15 Volvo Ocean Race is the 12th edition of the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race. It started on 19 October 2014 in Alicante, Spain and is schedule to conclude in June 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Main article: Volvo Ocean 65

For the first time, the race is a one-design event. The Volvo Ocean 65 was designed by Farr Yacht Design in response to concerns about safety and cost. The Volvo Ocean Race ensures a minimum of eight boats are built.[1]

The aim is to reduce participation cost to around 15 million euros per entry.[2]


Seven teams are participating in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. One of them, Team SCA, is a women-only team.[3]

Team Flag and Sail Skipper
Team SCA Sweden SWE 1929 United Kingdom Samantha Davies
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing United Arab Emirates UAE 2 United Kingdom Ian Walker
Dongfeng Race Team China CHN 1969 France Charles Caudrelier
Team Brunel Netherlands NED 1 Netherlands Bouwe Bekking
Team Alvimedica United States Turkey USA 4 United States Charlie Enright
MAPFRE Spain ESP 1 Spain Iker Martinez
Team Vestas Wind Denmark Australia Chris Nicholson

Sailors by nationality[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]
Country Sailors
 France 12
 United Kingdom 10
 Australia 8
 United States 8
 Spain 7
 China 6
 Netherlands 6
 New Zealand 5
 Denmark 3
 Argentina 2
  Switzerland 2
 Belgium 1
 Brazil 1
 Ireland 1
 Italy 1
 Lithuania 1
 Sweden 1
 United Arab Emirates 1

Race schedule[edit]

Event Start date Finish date Start Finish Distance
In-Port Race 4 October 2014 Spain Alicante
Leg 1 11 October 2014 5 November 2014 Spain Alicante South Africa Cape Town 6,487 nm
In-Port Race 15 November 2014 South Africa Cape Town
Leg 2 19 November 2014 13 December 2014 South Africa Cape Town United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 6,125 nm
In-Port Race 2 January 2015 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
Leg 3 3 January 2015 27 January 2015 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi China Sanya 4,670 nm
In-Port Race 7 February 2015 China Sanya
Leg 4 8 February 2015 China Sanya New Zealand Auckland 5,264 nm
In-Port Race 14 March 2015 New Zealand Auckland
Leg 5 15 March 2015 New Zealand Auckland Brazil Itajaí 6,776 nm
In-Port Race 18 April 2015 Brazil Itajaí
Leg 6 19 April 2015 Brazil Itajaí United States Newport 5,010 nm
In-Port Race 16 May 2015 United States Newport
Leg 7 17 May 2015 United States Newport Portugal Lisbon 2,800 nm
In-Port Race 6 June 2015 Portugal Lisbon
Leg 8 7 June 2015 Portugal Lisbon France Lorient 647 nm
In-Port Race 14 June 2015 France Lorient
Leg 9 17 June 2015 France Lorient Sweden Gothenburg 1,600 nm
In-Port Race 27 June 2015 Sweden Gothenburg

Results and standings[edit]

The point standings are done via low points. The winner of each leg/in-port race will receive 1 point, runner up will receive 2 points, and so on down to the final finisher who will receive 7 points. Failure to finish a leg is counted as 8 points. The overall winner will be the one the lowest number of leg points, with the in-port points being used for tie-breaking.[11]

Overall standings[edit]

Leg 1
South Africa
Leg 2
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
Leg 3
United Arab Emirates
Leg 4
New Zealand
Leg 5
New Zealand
Leg 6
United States
Leg 7
United States
Leg 8
Leg 9
Dongfeng Race Team 2 2 1 5
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 1 3 2 6
Team Brunel 3 1 5 9
Team Alvimedica 5 42 3 12
MAPFRE 7 4 4 15
Team SCA 6 6 6 18
Team Vestas Wind 4 DNF1 DNS 20


  • ^1 - Team Vestas Wind was grounded on the Cargados Carajos Shoals near Mauritius. They are working on re-joining the race at a later stage, possibly for leg 8.[12]
  • ^2 - Team Alvimedica finished leg 2 in fifth place, but were awarded 1 point redress for standing by the grounded Team Vestas Wind[13]

In-port series[edit]

South Africa
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
United States
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 2 1 3 6
Team Brunel 4 2 2 8
Team SCA 6 3 1 10
Team Alvimedica 1 6 5 12
Dongfeng Race Team 5 4 4 13
MAPFRE 3 7 6 16
Team Vestas Wind 7 5 DNS 20


Alicante In-Port Race[edit]

The Alicante In-Port race began the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. Dongfeng opened the race with an aggressive port start with the remaining squads electing to go away from shore on starboard. The gutsy maneuver paid off for Dongfeng as they led after Mark 1 of 6. Abu Dhabi easily passed Dongfeng on the downwind leg and led around Mark 2. The two big moves at Mark 2 was a clean inside pass by Alvimedica to move into second in front of Dongfeng as well as a perfectly timed tack by Brunel which forced SCA to take a very slow left turn around the mark. No major moves occurred on the third leg with Abu Dhabi leading by 35 seconds over Alvimedica. However, coming into Mark 4 Abu Dhabi elected to go round the right mark, requiring an extra tack, while Alvimedica closely followed by Dongfeng stayed on course to round the left mark, closing the gap to under 5 seconds. At the tail of the regatta SCA stretched out a sizable lead over Vestas after being a few lengths behind at Mark 3. Abu Dhabi, Alvimedica, and Dongfeng pulled away on the final upwind leg with Alvimedica passing Abu Dhabi on port just shy of the mark. Alvimedica led by 18 seconds over Abu Dhabi at Mark 5. Alvimedica would hold on a late charge by Abu Dhabi to win by 2 lengths, followed by MAPFRE, Brunel, and slow finishing Dongfeng. SCA maintained sixth with Vesta bringing up the rear of the fleet.

Alicante to Cape Town[edit]

The 6,487nm leg started on 11 October 2014 and was won by Team Alvimedica, with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing finishing second and MAPFRE third.

Cape Town In-Port Race[edit]

Was held on 15 November 2014 and was won by Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, with Team Brunel second and Team SCA third.

Cape Town to Abu Dhabi[edit]

The 6,125nm leg started on 19 November 2014 and was won by Team Brunel, with Dongfeng Race Team second and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing third.

Abu Dhabi In-Port Race[edit]

Was held on 2 January 2015 and was won by Team SCA, with Team Brunel second and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing third.

Abu Dhabi to Sanya[edit]

The 4,670nm leg started on 3 January 2015.


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