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2014 China censorship of Google services is the event that the Chinese service of Google Inc. is disrupted by the GFW, which causes users from mainland China are not able to use the service normally. Since that day, the users from mainland China found that Google and other service under Google (e.g. Google Play, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.) are not able to visited. Even Google account is not able to logged in. Although Google Map, Google Translate are still able to be visited, some places in mainland China are not able to visit them, with connection reset and connection timeout. However this time is different from the Google blocking events in 2009-2013, because the blocking event hasn't stopped after 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.[1]


Communist Party of China has no public response for this event, but some media guess that it is caused by the GFW policy modification because of the coming 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.[2][3][4][5][6] The attack used this time by Chinese government is mainly IP address blocking attack. The 443 port of most of the Google servers is blocked in mainland China.

The report cited from the Reuters, the Online Censorship In China (GreatFire.org) says that China's government seems to try blocking Google search engine and free e-mail service Gmail. Google internal report also shows that the traffic flow from mainland China started decreasing since Friday.[3]

A Google spokesperson said to Reuters, "We've checked extensively and there's nothing wrong on our end."[7][8]


Many netizens show that this blocking is "too sudden"[citation needed]. Google users in mainland China are obviously strongly influenced by this event, and Android users are not able to use Google Play. Google's cloud platform for developers Google App Engine is also seriously interfered.


Because of the anycast technology used by Google, user may map the domain name on to unblocked IP address via modifying hosts, and therefore the Google service can be obtained.[9] Up to present, all the Google IP addresses are blocked in mainland China.[2][10]

Subsequent Events[edit]

On July 1st, Financial Times in the United Kingdom said that blocking Google greatly impacted the Chinese businesses.[11]

At the evening of July 10th, Google got unblocked in China. Meanwhile, the encrypted version of Facebook and YouTube could be viewed normally, this caused a major reaction from the Internet users, but it was blocked again on the next morning.[12][13][14]

Ever since this censorship, Google and some other services could be viewed normally sometimes, but it usually got blocked again soon. This might be related to some defects of the GFW Fire Wall, and not that it got unblocked.


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