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2014 FFA Cup
Country  Australia
 New Zealand
Teams 32 (631 qualifying)

The 2014 FFA Cup is the inaugural season of the FFA Cup, the main national association football knockout cup competition in Australia. 631 teams in total from around Australia entered the competition. Only 32 teams will compete in the competition proper (Round of 32), including the 10 A-League teams and 22 Football Federation Australia (FFA) member federation teams determined through individual state qualifying rounds held in early 2014 (and 2013 in the case of the ACT). The FFA Cup competition proper commenced on 29 July 2014 and will conclude with the FFA Cup Final on 16 December 2014.[1] Although future editions of the tournament will involve the Cup Final being played on Australia Day, this season's Final was brought forward in order to avoid a clash with the 2015 Asian Cup, which will be hosted by Australia.[2]

Round and dates[edit]

Round Draw date Match date Number of fixtures Teams New entries this round
Qualifying rounds Various 6 April 2013 – 25 June 2014 616 + 34 byes 621 → 22 621
Round of 32 27 June 2014 29 July–20 August 2014 16 32 → 16 10
Round of 16 22 August 2014 16–23 September 2014 8 16 → 8 none
Quarter-finals 25 September 2014 14 October–4 November 2014 4 8 → 4 none
Semi-finals 6 November 2014 11–25 November 2014 2 4 → 2 none
Final 16 December 2014 1 2 → 1 none

Qualifying rounds[edit]

621 teams competed in various FFA member federations qualifying rounds to win one of 22 places in the competition proper (Round of 32). Eight of the nine FFA member federations took part in the tournament, the exception being Northern Territory, which is expected to start participating from the 2015–16 season. Player registration numbers in each jurisdiction was used to determine the number of qualifying teams for each member federation:[3]

The first qualifying round began on 6 April 2013 and the final qualifying round will take place on 25 June 2014. Seven of the eight member federation qualifying rounds took place in 2014 (16 February–25 June). The exception was the ACT, whose competition took place during 2013 (6 April–28 August).[4]


A total of 32 teams will participate in the 2014 FFA Cup competition proper, ten of which will come from the A-League, the remaining 22 teams from FFA member federations, as determined by the qualifying rounds.[2] A-League clubs represent the highest level in the Australian league system, where as member federation clubs come from Level 2 and below. The current season tier of member federation clubs is shown in parentheses.[5]

A-League clubs
Adelaide United Brisbane Roar Central Coast Mariners Melbourne City
Melbourne Victory Newcastle Jets Perth Glory Sydney FC
Wellington Phoenix Western Sydney Wanderers
Member federation clubs
Australian Capital Territory Tuggeranong United (2) New South Wales Blacktown City (2) New South Wales Hakoah Sydney City East (4) New South Wales Manly United (2)
New South Wales Parramatta FC (3) New South Wales South Coast Wolves (2) New South Wales Sydney Olympic (2) New South Wales Sydney United 58 (2)
New South Wales Broadmeadow Magic (2) New South Wales South Cardiff (2) Queensland Brisbane Strikers (2) Queensland Far North Queensland (2)
Queensland Olympic FC (2) Queensland Palm Beach (2) South Australia Adelaide City (2) Tasmania South Hobart (2)
Victoria (Australia) Bentleigh Greens (2) Victoria (Australia) Melbourne Knights (2) Victoria (Australia) South Springvale (4) Victoria (Australia) St Albans Saints (3)
Western Australia Bayswater City (2) Western Australia Stirling Lions (2)


After the completion of the 2013–14 A-League season and the qualifying rounds by the respective member federations, the 32 teams were organised for the FFA Cup Round of 32 draw, the first of four draws in the competition proper. The draw for the Round of 32 used three pots to arrange the teams: Pot A included the four A-League teams to reach the semi-finals in the 2013–14 A-League Finals series (Brisbane Roar, Central Coast Mariners, Melbourne Victory and Western Sydney Wanderers), Pot B included the remaining six A-League teams and Pot C contained the 22 member federation teams. Teams were drawn randomly into pre-determined positions. From the Round of 16, Quarter-finals and Semi-finals, teams will be allocated in one of two pots. The remaining A-League teams will be allocated to Pot A and the remaining member federation teams will be allocated to Pot B. In each draw, teams will again be drawn randomly into pre-determined positions.[1]

The positions which teams are drawn into are structured to ensure that member federation teams will have the best chance of advancing in the competition. A minimum of one non-A-League team will reach the Semi-finals stage, a minimum of three in the Quarter-finals and a minimum of nine in the Round of 16.[6] This structured is achieved by allocating teams (which are randomly drawn) into pre-determined positions, with some A-League teams drawn against one another to ensure that a certain number of A-League teams are eliminated and that a certain number of member federation teams may progress in the tournament.[7]

The draw for each round will not be made until after the scheduled completion of the previous round. The draws will also determine which teams will play at home; that is, if a member federation team draws an A-League team, the member federation team will host the fixture. However, if two A-League teams or two member federation teams are drawn together, the first team drawn will host, with the exception that Wellington Phoenix must play all of their matches in Australia, away from home.[2]

Round of 32[edit]

The Round of 32 draw took place on Friday 27 June 2014.[8] The lowest ranked sides that qualified for this round were South Springvale and Hakoah Sydney City East. They are the only level 4 teams left in the competition.

All times listed below are at local time

29 July 2014
Broadmeadow Magic (2) 1–2 (a.e.t.) Brisbane Strikers (2)
Petitt Goal 58' Report Thurtell Goal 60'
Coulson Goal 103'
Wanderers Oval, Newcastle
Attendance: 1,523
Referee: Tim McGilchrist

29 July 2014
Manly United (2) 1–3 Sydney Olympic (2)
Payne Goal 10' Report M. Gaitatzis Goal 58, 76'
H. Gaitatzis Goal 74'
Cromer Park, Sydney
Attendance: 1,800
Referee: Stephen Lucas

29 July 2014
Olympic FC (2) 3–1 Melbourne Knights (2)
McLean Goal 17, 25'
Jafari Goal 86'
Report O'Doherty Goal 52'
Goodwin Park, Brisbane
Attendance: 2,195
Referee: Alex King

29 July 2014
South Springvale (4) 2–2 (a.e.t.) South Cardiff (2)
Florea Goal 25'
Dimitrakopoulos Goal 78'
Report Ashton Goal 4'
Wallace Goal 41'
Diaco Penalty scored
Drakos Penalty scored
Fitzgerald Penalty scored
Skledar Penalty scored
4–3 Penalty scored D. Johnson
Penalty missed Gazzard
Penalty scored Brynes
Penalty scored Stevens
Penalty missed J. Johnson
Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, Melbourne
Attendance: 1,420
Referee: Alex Azcurra

5 August 2014
Newcastle Jets (1) 0–2 Perth Glory (1)
Report Keogh Goal 20'88'
Wanderers Oval, Newcastle
Attendance: 2,877
Referee: Kris Griffiths-Jones

5 August 2014
Parramatta FC (3) 0–1 St Albans Saints (3)
Report Devlin Goal 34'
Melita Stadium, Sydney
Attendance: 780
Referee: Chris Young

5 August 2014
South Hobart (2) 1–1 (a.e.t.) Tuggeranong United (2)
Kiddey Goal 69' (o.g.) Report Z. Munster Goal 85'
Penalty scored Ludford
Penalty missed Undy
Penalty scored Mann
Penalty scored Scott
Penalty scored Brennan
Penalty missed Ludlow
4–5 Penalty scored Stewart
Penalty scored Z. Munster
Penalty missed E. Munster
Penalty scored Reis
Penalty scored Menser
Penalty scored Pettit
KGV Park, Hobart
Attendance: 1,472
Referee: Patrick Chaplin

5 August 2014
Adelaide United (1) 1–0 Wellington Phoenix (1)
Cirio Goal 31' Report
Marden Sports Complex, Adelaide
Attendance: 2,804
Referee: Shaun Evans

12 August 2014
Blacktown City (2) 0–1 Bentleigh Greens (2)
Report Stirton Goal 40'
Lilys Football Centre, Sydney
Attendance: 624
Referee: Stephen Lucas

12 August 2014
Melbourne City (1) 1–3 (a.e.t.) Sydney FC (1)
Kalmar Goal 64' Report Gameiro Goal 23'
Abbas Goal 111' (pen.)115' (pen.)
Morshead Park Stadium, Ballarat
Attendance: 2,801
Referee: Shaun Evans

12 August 2014
Sydney United 58 (2) 4–1 Far North Queensland (2)
Tomelic Goal 14'
Mileski Goal 60'
Pavlović Goal 71'78'
Report Smith Goal 90'
Sydney United Sports Centre, Sydney
Attendance: 750
Referee: Jonathan Barreiro

12 August 2014
Adelaide City (2) 1–0 Western Sydney Wanderers (1)
Love Goal 75' Report
Marden Sports Complex, Adelaide
Attendance: 2,701
Referee: Alan Milliner

19 August 2014
Hakoah Sydney City East (4) 1–2 Palm Beach (2)
Owusu Goal 68' Report Dragicevic Goal 4'
Rees Goal 17'
Hensley Athletic Field, Sydney
Attendance: 1,158
Referee: Matthew Cropper

19 August 2014
Stirling Lions (2) 0–4 Brisbane Roar (1)
Report Henrique Goal 30'
Brown Goal 55'
Smith Goal 63'
Solórzano Goal 68'
Western Australian Athletics Stadium, Perth
Attendance: 1,152
Referee: Lucien Laverdure

20 August 2014
South Coast Wolves (2) 0–1 Central Coast Mariners (1)
Report Trifiro Goal 13'
WIN Stadium, Wollongong
Attendance: 5,238
Referee: Ben Williams

20 August 2014
Bayswater City (2) 0–2 Melbourne Victory (1)
Report Barbarouses Goal 23'
Thompson Goal 77'

Round of 16[edit]

The Round of 16 draw took place on Friday 22 August 2014.[9] The lowest ranked side that qualified for this round is South Springvale. They are the only level 4 team left in the competition. The dates for each match will be decided on Monday 25 August 2014.


14 October 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD

21 October 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD

28 October 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD

4 November 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD


11 November 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD

25 November 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD


For more details on this topic, see 2014 FFA Cup Final.
16 December 2014
Location Unknown
Referee: TBD

Top goalscorers[edit]

Rank Player Club Goals
1 England Jake McLean Olympic FC 2
Australia Michael Gaitatzis Sydney Olympic 2
Republic of Ireland Andy Keogh Perth Glory 2
Australia Mirjan Pavlović Sydney United 58 2
Iraq Ali Abbas Sydney FC 2

Note: Goals scored in qualifying rounds not included.



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