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The elections in India in 2014 include the Indian general election of 2014 and seven state legislative assembly elections. The tenure of the state legislative assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Odisha and Sikkim are due to expire during the year.[1]

General election[edit]

The voting for the general elections will start from 7 April 2014, and the results will be announced on 16 May 2014.[2] According to the Election Commission of India, the electoral strength in 2014 is 81.45 crores, the largest in the world.[3]

Legislative Assembly elections[edit]

In 2014, legislative assembly elections will take place for seven states Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha and Sikkim. In first phase, the legislative elections in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim will take place along with Lok Sabha elections.[4] The elections in Andhra Pradesh will be for the two states which will be created on 2 June, Telangana and Seemandhara.

Andhra Pradesh[edit]

Assembly elections to the 294-member Andhra Pradesh assembly will be held on 30 April and 7 May 2014.[5] The votes will be counted on 16 May 2014. Once the state is officially split on 2 June, this election will yield legislators for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh(Seemandhara).

Arunachal Pradesh[edit]

Assembly elections to the 60-member Arunachal Pradesh assembly were held on 9 April 2014.[6] The votes will be counted on 16 May 2014.

e • d Summary of results of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, 2014 [7]
Political Party Flag Seats
Won Net Change
in seats
 % of
Votes Vote % Change in
vote %
Indian National Congress Flag of the Indian National Congress.svg - 42 Steady 0 - 2,51,575 49.5 Decrease 0.88
Bharatiya Janata Party Flag of Bharatiya Janata Party.png - 11 Increase 8 - 1,57,412 31.0 Increase 25.79
People's Party of Arunachal - 6 Steady 0 - 45,532 9.0 Steady 0
Independents - 9 Increase 8 - 24,985 - -
Total 60 Voters - Turnout 5,08,120 (- %)


Assembly elections to the 147-member Odisha assembly were held on 10 April and 17 April 2014.[8] The votes will be counted on 16 May 2014.

Jammu and Kashmir[edit]

Assembly elections to be held in November 2014.[9]


Assembly elections to the 32-member Sikkim assembly were held on 12 April 2014.[10] The votes will be counted on 16 May 2014.




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