2015 AFC Cup

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2015 AFC Cup
Tournament details
Dates 4 February – 31 October 2015
Teams TBD (from TBD associations)

The 2015 AFC Cup will be the 12th edition of the AFC Cup, a football competition organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for clubs from "developing countries" in Asia.

Both finalists will qualify for the 2016 AFC Champions League, as long as the club meets the minimum criteria.

Allocation of entries per association[edit]

The AFC laid out the procedure for deciding the participating associations and the allocation of slots, with the final decision to be made by the AFC in November 2014.[1] The following changes to the list of participating associations may be made from the 2014 AFC Cup if the AFC approves the following applications made by any association:

  • An association originally participating in the AFC Cup may apply to participate in the 2015 AFC Champions League. An association may participate in both the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup if it only partially fulfills the AFC Champions League criteria.
  • Starting from 2015, league champions of "emerging countries" are eligible to participate in the AFC Cup qualifying play-off (the last edition of the AFC President's Cup is to be held in 2014).[2]

Each participating association is given either two entries to the group stage or one entry to the qualifying play-off, based on the AFC Technical Ranking and the number of associations in each zone.[3]

On 25 January 2014, the AFC Competitions Committee proposed a revamp of the AFC club competitions. The member associations are ranked based on their national team's and clubs' performance over the last four years in AFC competitions, with the allocation of slots for the 2015 and 2016 editions of the AFC club competitions determined by the 2014 rankings. The associations ranked 25 to 32 as per the AFC rankings are eligible to participate in the AFC Cup group stage, and the associations ranked 33 to 47 are eligible to participate in the AFC Cup qualifying play-off.[4] This proposal was ratified by the AFC Executive Committee on 16 April 2014.[5]


  1. ^ Indonesia (IDN): Since the Piala Indonesia had to be cancelled due to tightness of schedule caused by the parliamentary and presidential elections, the league runners-up will be chosen to represent Indonesia in the AFC Cup.

The following associations of "emerging countries" participated in the final edition of the AFC President's Cup in 2014.

Association Team Qualifying method App Last App
Bangladesh Bangladesh Sheikh Jamal 2013–14 Bangladesh Football Premier League champions 1st none
Bhutan Bhutan 2014 Bhutan National League champions
Cambodia Cambodia Phnom Penh Crown 2014 Cambodian League champions 1st none
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 2014 Intercity Football League champions
Mongolia Mongolia 2014 Mongolia Premier League champions
Nepal Nepal 2014 Martyr's Memorial A-Division League champions
North Korea North Korea April 25 2014 Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games winners 1st none
Pakistan Pakistan 2014 Pakistan Premier League champions
Philippines Philippines 2014 PFF–Smart National Club Championship winners
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2014 Sri Lanka Football Premier League champions
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 2014 Ýokary Liga champions

The following associations of "emerging countries" have never participated in the AFC President's Cup (they may need approval from AFC to participate).

Association Team Qualifying method App Last App
Afghanistan Afghanistan 2014 Afghan National League champions
Brunei Brunei 2014 Brunei Super League champions
Guam Guam Rovers 2013–14 Guam Soccer League champions 1st none
Laos Laos Hoàng Anh Attapeu 2014 Lao League champions 1st none
Macau Macau Benfica de Macau 2014 Campeonato da 1ª Divisão do Futebol champions 1st none
Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands IFC Wild Bills 2013–14 M*League Division 1 champions 1st none
East Timor Timor-Leste 2014 Pro Liga de Timor Leste champions


The schedule of the competition is as follows (all draws held at AFC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).[6][7]

Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Qualifying play-off Round 1 N/A 4 February 2015
Round 2 10 February 2015
Round 3 17 February 2015
Group stage Matchday 1 TBC 24–25 February 2015
Matchday 2 10–11 March 2015
Matchday 3 17–18 March 2015
Matchday 4 14–15 April 2015
Matchday 5 28–29 April 2015
Matchday 6 12–13 May 2015
Knock-out stage Round of 16 26–27 May 2015
Quarter-finals TBC 25–26 August 2015 15–16 September 2015
Semi-finals 29–30 September 2015 20–21 October 2015
Final 31 October 2015

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