2015 Ashes series

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2015 Ashes series
Part of Australian cricket team in England and Ireland in 2015
Date 8 July – 24 August 2015
Location England
 England  Australia
2013–14 (previous) (next) 2017–18

The 2015 Ashes series is a forthcoming series of Test cricket matches to be played between England and Australia. The venues for the 2015 Ashes series were confirmed on 22 September 2011 as Lord's, Trent Bridge, the SWALEC Stadium, Edgbaston and The Oval.[1] The fixtures were announced on 12 May 2014.[2]

Starting with this series, the four-year cycle of Ashes series in England will be brought forward by two years. Similarly, series in Australia were brought forward one year beginning with the 2013–14 series. This rescheduling was to avoid a clash with the 2015 World Cup, to be hosted by Australia and New Zealand, and future World Cup preparations. England last hosted the Ashes in 2013.

However, this rescheduling will cause England to host an Ashes series in 2019 immediately after the 2019 World Cup in England, resulting in a possible hindrance to Australia's Ashes preparations, despite the 2013–14 series being held a year earlier than scheduled to avoid the same outcome with the World Cup. The rescheduling has been criticised in some quarters as owing to greed and commercialism. The ECB have also commented that having three Ashes series in two years will also prevent any future Ashes series down-under from affecting World Cup preparations.[3]


First Test[edit]

8–12 July

Second Test[edit]

16–20 July

Third Test[edit]

29 July–2 August

Fourth Test[edit]

6–10 August

Fifth Test[edit]

20–24 August


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