2018 Central American and Caribbean Games

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The 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games will be held in 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia.[1]


Quetzaltenango was the only city to meet CASCO's January 2012 deadline to bid for the Games,[2] and on October 29, 2012 it was named the host city.[1]

Guatemala last hosted the Games in 1950 (in Guatemala City); Central America last hosted in 2002 (in San Salvador, El Salvador). Panajachel will be venue for sailing, open water swimming and triathlon.[3][4] However, the Colombian City Santiago de Cali has sent a formal request to the Odecabe committee to host the Central American and Caribbean games (due to the astonishing success of the 2013 World Games) in case that Quetzaltenango be unable to meet with the event logistics, in addition, Santiago de Cali sports venues are completely built and in excellent condition, while Quetzaltenango is delayed in this matter.[5]


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