201st (2/1st Middlesex) Brigade

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This article is about the Second Line Territorial Force Brigade formed during World War I; it should not be confused with British 201st Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) nor with 201st Guards Motor Brigade formed during World War II.

The 201st (2/1st Middlesex) Brigade was a formation of the British Army during the First World War. It was raised as a second line brigade, part of the 67th (2nd Home Counties) Division, from those men in the Territorial Force who had not agreed to serve overseas. The second line infantry battalions had a minimum strength of 600 men.


The composition of 201 Bde was as follows (not all the infantry battalions served in the brigade at the same time):[1]

  • 2/7th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 2/8th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 2/9th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 2/10th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 3/7th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 3/8th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 3/10th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
  • 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment
  • 201st Trench Mortar Battery
  • 280th Graduated Battalion, became 51st (Graduated) Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
  • 281st Graduated Battalion, became 52nd (Graduated) Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
  • 282nd Graduated Battalion, became 52nd (Graduated) Battalion, South Wales Borderers
  • 2/7th Battalion, Essex Regiment
  • 52nd (Graduated) Battalion, Rifle Brigade

201 Bde was disbanded on 17 March 1919.


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