2037 Bomber

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2037 Bomber
Role Heavy bomber
Introduction 2037 (projected)
Status Planned
Primary user United States Air Force

The 2037 Bomber is the unofficial name given to a heavy strategic bomber planned by the United States Air Force. It is projected to enter service in 2037 as a stealthy, supersonic, long-range heavy-payload bomber aircraft with unmanned-capability.


With the ending of B-2 production in the early 1990s, the U.S. Air Force was left with a gap in its bomber development. A new bomber would be needed in the 2037 time frame to replace retiring B-52s and B-1s according to the Air Force's Bomber Roadmap, released in 1999.[1][2] This was considered too long to wait, as the Air Force needed an interim bomber before the 2030s.[3][4] This left the aircraft proposed for 2037 as more of a heavy bomber than a medium bomber.


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