2084. Il potere dell'immortalità nelle città del dolore

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Twenty Eighty-Four, published as 2084, is a dystopian novel, by Menotti Lerro, published in 2013.[1] The book starts with the discovery, in 2084, by Dr Andrew Robinson of two pills which let people be immortal and not feel physical pain anymore. After this, humans seem to have a happy destiny, but the consequences of these discoveries will be a lot and unexpected.

2084 on a book shop shelf in Milan
Twenty Eighty-Four
Author Menotti Lerro
Country Italy
Language Italian
Genre Dystopian, social science fiction
Published 2013 (Zona editrice, Arezzo)

Principal characters[edit]

  • Andrew Robinson, Stella/Vladimir, Dominic Kavin, Malik Ashraf, Carlitos Clown, Mike, Gilda, Albert, Mario, Niño, Susan.

Secondary characters[edit]

Alfred, Robertino, Marianna, Alessio, Don Vincenzo Petrillo, Adalgisa, Arturo, Venusia, Miss Valente, Mara Degli Ulivi, Louis, Peter, Yekaterina, Maria, Silvia, Andrea, Giuditta, Giovanni, Benoit, Flavio, Mateen, Mark Sallivan, Christopher Sallivan, Verner, Eduard Sallivan, Fernando Esposito, Martina, Maria Rosaria, Luca, Gabriele, Daniela.

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