20 Bulls Each

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20 Bulls Each
Origin Dublin, Ireland
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 2002–present
Labels Thorp Records
Members Gareth Cummins
Gavin Husselbury
Adrian Borrowski
Paul Duffy
Oliver Issac

20 Bulls Each are a hardcore punk band based in Dublin, Ireland.


20 Bulls Each were formed in early 2002 in Dublin, Ireland. The first release was a 6 track EP called Make Your Stand in 2004. Before Make your Stand they had recorded several demos and single tracks that were available on the internet. In 2005 they released a split CD with Northern Ireland punk band Mellow Dramatic. In 2006 they released their first full length album Lost Causes on Fail Records.

The band have toured all over Ireland, England and have toured the USA several times.

The band are known for mixing punk, hardcore and metal and their sing along choruses.

20BE have had a few line up changes over the years. Previously Derek O'Neill, Trev Ward, Ciaran Mangan, and Ray Good have played bass with the band. On some occasions Jim Mellow Dramatic from Northern Irish punk band "The Lobotomies" has toured with the band and filled in on drum duties.

Latest Album "A Glorious And Bloody Revolution" released by Thorp Records July 2011.


20 Bulls Each are:

Current activity[edit]

20 Bulls Each (Sometimes known as 20BE) are currently planning a release of their next full length album with Thorp Records in the US in 2011.

As of May 2009 20 Bulls Each are now part of the Thorp Records roster.


  • Easter Star 4 track Demo - 2003
  • AWOL 2 track Demo - 2004
  • Make Your Stand EP (Fail Records) - 2004
  • Split EP with Mellow Dramatic (Fail Records)- 2005
  • Lost Causes LP (Fail Records) - 2006
  • The Incompetence To Follow EP (Fail Records) - 2008
  • A Glorious And Bloody Revolution (Thorp Records) - 2011


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