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The 20 meter PACER test, or the Fitnessgram PACER Test, is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test that slowly gets more difficult as the test progresses through faster and faster levels. Each level is approximately one minute long. It has 21 levels, and is 247 laps long.

Each runner has to run between two lines set 20 meters apart, and must run in synchronization with signal beeps. The signal beeps gradually get closer together as the test continues, forcing runners to run faster. The second time that a runner fails to complete a lap, their test is over. However, the test continues for other people who are still running. The 20 meter PACER test was created by Fitnessgram and the Cooper Institute. An audio voice-over announces each lap in the test and also signifies the beginning of each faster level. The test is set to background music.

The acronym "PACER" stands for "Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run."

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