20th Space Control Squadron

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20th Space Control Squadron
20th Space Control Squadron.png
20th Space Control Squadron emblem
Active 1966-Present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Space Control
Role Active Space Surveillance
Part of 21st Space Wing
Garrison/HQ Eglin AFB, Florida
Decorations Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg AFOUA

The United States Air Force's 20th Space Control Squadron is a space control unit located at Eglin AFB, Florida.


The mission of the 20th Space Control Squadron is to detect, track, identify, and report near earth and deep space objects in earth's orbit, and provide space object identification data in support of United States Strategic Command's space control mission.


The personnel of the 20th SPCS operate the Air Force Space Surveillance System and maintain the AN/FPS-85 radar, the Air Force's only phased-array radar dedicated to tracking earth-orbiting objects. The AN/FPS-85 radar can track approximately 90 percent of all manmade objects in earth orbit. The radar can track near-earth objects the size of a softball moving at 300 miles (500 km) and deep space objects the size of a basketball moving at 22,300 nautical miles (41,300 km) above earth. Located at Site C-6 on Eglin, the squadron is a geographically separated unit of the 21st Space Wing and the only Air Force Space Command unit on Eglin.

Previous designations[edit]

  • 20th Space Control Squadron (February 2003–Present)
  • 20th Space Surveillance Squadron (May 1992-February 2003)
  • 20th Surveillance Squadron (May 1987-May 1992)
  • 20th Missile Warning Squadron (???? -May 1987)
  • 20th Surveillance Squadron (November 1966-????)



  • Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg
    • 1 January 2000-31 August 2001[1]
    • 1 January 1999-31 December 1999[2]
    • 1 January 1998-31 December 1998[3]
    • 1 October 1997-30 September 1999[4]
    • 1 October 1995-30 September 1997[5]
    • 1 September 1991-31 August 1993[6]
    • 1 September 1990-31 August 1991[7]
    • 1 September 1988-31 August 1990[8]


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