21st Century Game Design

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21st Century Game Design
Chris Mark Bateman - 21st Century Game Design.jpeg
Front Cover
Author Chris Bateman
Richard Boon
Language English
Publisher Charles River Media
Publication date
August 29, 2005
Media type Paperback
Pages 352
ISBN 978-1-58450-429-0
OCLC 58451686
793.9 22
LC Class GV1230 .B38 2006

21st Century Game Design (ISBN 978-1-58450-429-0) is a book by Chris Bateman and Richard Boon. This book is part of the Game Development Series. It was first published by Charles River Media on August 29, 2005.

The main innovation of the book is the focus on demographic game design through the use of a new audience model for game developers and publishers. The authors say that today, the only audience models in widespread use are those of the "hardcore gamer" and "casual gamer", and the book proposes a more sophisticated audience model.

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