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Many science fiction works have been set in the 21st century. As we are now in the 21st century, many of these predictions have now become obsolete. This page lists only predictions of the 21st century, as opposed to contemporary accounts of the actual 21st century, which would be too numerous to list.

Television and film fiction[edit]

Unknown date[edit]

  • The tagline of Torchwood series one is: "The 21st century is when everything changes. And we have to be ready." In series two, the second sentence changes to: "And Torchwood is ready."
  • t.A.T.u. Video Beliy Plaschik Is set "Sometime in the 21st century"
  • Stinkoman 20X6, of Homestar Runner fame, takes place in the seventh year of an unspecified decade in the 21st century.






  • The CGI animated series Cubix: Robots for Everyone takes place in 2040.
  • Deep space vessel Event Horizon was sent to test an artificial wormhole (black hole) in deep space in the year 2040. The lost ship is found 7 years later by a rescue team on board the ship Lewis and Clark on low orbit around the planet Neptune.
  • The Outward Urge has a major nuclear war in 2044 and the first manned landing on Mars in 2094.






Computer and video games[edit]

Unknown dates[edit]



2020s and 2030s[edit]

2040s and 2050s[edit]

2060s and 2070s[edit]

  • The events of the CD-i video game Burn:Cycle take place on the night of July 25 and last to the early morning of July 26,of 2063. Sol cutter a Data thief using a kind of Neural interface, Brain–computer interface gets infected with a Computer virus that that will kill him in 2 to 3 hours unless the game player can prevent it. game time can be extended by winning the Psychic roulette game. Not much is known about Sol cutters world but they have flying cars that use cold fusion technology. They also have orbital colonies for Space tourists.
  • The events of Deus Ex: Invisible War take place in 2072. The world of Deus Ex has the following technology's Bio-genetics and Bio-Mechanical.
  • System Shock is set in 2072.
  • The Great War of the Fallout universe starts on October 23, 2077; nuclear bombs are launched, nobody knows who the aggressor was.

2080s and 2090s[edit]



CD Albums

  • In the timeline for Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Ayreon, specifically the album 01011001, the human race destroys itself in a violent war in 2084. The alien Forever race returns home one year later, in 2085, after which the last human being goes on a journey detailed in the album The Dream Sequencer.

Comics and Short stories

  • In the first Legion of Super-Villains story Cosmic King claims to be from the 21st century. However, as he is from Venus, he may be using a different calendar.
  • Arno Stark, a villainous version of Iron Man, is from the year 2020.
  • In The Planet of Doubt, the United States had attempted to lay claim to all of Venus. The Council of Berne ruled that planetary explorers could only lay claim to as much of a planet as they had explored. As a result, the United States was only able to establish a claim to a quarter of the habitable zone of Venus, with the other three quarters being occupied by the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands in 2059.
  • In The Planet of Doubt, the Young expedition explores Uranus in 2060.

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