2202 Pele

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2202 Pele
Discovered by Arnold Richard Klemola
Discovery date September 7, 1972
Named after
Pele (deity)
1972 RA
Main belt (Mars crosser)
Orbital characteristics
Epoch June 14, 2006 (JD 2453900.5)
Aphelion 518.336 Gm (3.465 AU)
Perihelion 167.625 Gm (1.121 AU)
342.980 Gm (2.293 AU)
Eccentricity 0.511
1267.986 d (3.47 a)
18.31 km/s
Inclination 8.739°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 0.9–2.0 km
Mass 7.6–84.0×1011 kg
Mean density
2.0? g/cm³
0.0003–0.0006 m/s²
0.0005–0.0011 km/s
? d
Albedo 0.15
Temperature ~181 K
Spectral type

2202 Pele is an asteroid. It is a Mars-crosser asteroid, that is, this type of asteroid's orbit crosses the orbit of Mars. It is an Amor asteroid, that is, this type of asteroid approaches the orbit of Earth from beyond, but does not cross it. It is therefore a Near-Earth asteroid.

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