22nd Special Operations Squadron

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The 22nd Special Operations Squadron is an inactive unit of the United States Air Force that operated in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War for two years from 25 Oct 1968, until 30 September 1970. The 22nd flew A-1 Skyraiders and was assigned to the 56th Special Operations Wing at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base.

The primary call sign used by the unit was "Zorro", for interdiction missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the squadron was thus nicknamed the "Zorros." (The 606th Air Commando Squadron also used the "Zorro" call sign for a period of time prior to the establishment of the 22d for its missions over the Trail flying T-28 Trojan fighter bombers). The 22nd Special Operations Squadron's tail letters were "TS".