235 Carolina

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235 Carolina
Discovered by Johann Palisa
Discovery date November 28, 1883
Named after Caroline Island
Alternative names A909 GJ, 1934 GY,
1939 GN, 1956 VK
Minor planet category Main belt
Orbital characteristics
Epoch 30 January 2005 (JD 2453400.5)
Aphelion 456.947 Gm (3.055 AU)
Perihelion 405.603 Gm (2.711 AU)
Semi-major axis 431.275 Gm (2.883 AU)
Eccentricity 0.06
Orbital period 1787.859 d (4.89 a)
Average orbital speed 17.54 km/s
Mean anomaly 49.44°
Inclination 9.026°
Longitude of ascending node 66.246°
Argument of perihelion 211.846°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 58.0 km
Mass unknown
Mean density unknown
Equatorial surface gravity unknown
Escape velocity unknown
Rotation period 17.56 h
Albedo 0.158
Temperature unknown
Spectral type S
Absolute magnitude (H) 8.82

235 Carolina is a sizeable Main belt asteroid. It is an S-type asteroid.

It was discovered by Johann Palisa on November 28, 1883 in Vienna.

The asteroid was named after Caroline Island, now part of Kiribati.