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25U signal support systems specialist is a military occupational specialty (MOS) in the United States Army's Signal Corps. The 25U (also called 25 Uniform) maintains selected electronic devices, including versions of the Blue Force Tracker (BFT) and various automated systems, as well as radio and data distribution systems.

A 25U Noncommissioned Officer instructor Soldiers on the proper setup of the OE-254/GRC antenna group at Fort Drum

The 25U also provides technical support and training for user owned computers, networks, and GPS type equipment as well as military owned. A 25U is the soldier responsible for any electronic and communication needs, including a power generators and electronic components on vehicles as well.

25U signal support system specialist is sometimes referred to as 25 Universal due to the openness and flexibility of the MOS, as the person can be assigned from anywhere to Infantry, rangers, higher headquarters, an armored unit, PsyOps, public affairs, or even the Communication Room at the White House. Working in infantry or other related combat units, the 25U may provide the entire unit with their communication needs, the reason being the uniform obtains training on most communication systems. A 25U is often cross-trained in other Signal MOS tasks. A 25U can also replace 25B jobs to a limited extent and fill slots normally reserved for other Signal MOS's. Many Uniforms will work right with or as a replacement for many other Signal MOS's because of the general knowledge given during training.[1][2] 25U are one of the few Army MOS that can be promoted to CSM as a 25U. Other signal MOS's change to 25W at E-7.


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