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This article is about the video game. For the band, see 25 ta Life. For hip-hop group P$C's album, see 25 to Life (album). For the song by Eminem, see 25 to Life (Eminem song).
25 To Life
25 To Life Coverart.png
North American PlayStation 2 box art
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
  • NA January 17, 2006
  • EU June 1, 2007
  • AUS June 6, 2007
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

25 To Life is a third-person shooter video game for Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox released in 2006. The game was developed by Avalanche Software and published by Eidos Interactive.

Set in a modern environment, the game allows the player to play as both a cop and a gangster, at different times, in a "cops and robbers" style game. The game can be played online with up to 16 players using the network adaptor for the PS2 and through Xbox Live for Microsoft's Xbox, and there is online play for the PC version as well. In addition, the game features a variety of hip hop songs playing in the background. The name of the game comes from a typical "indeterminate life sentence" that is often given in the United States upon a defendant's conviction for a violent felony. See the article on parole for more information.


The game is about a black man named Freeze, his friend Shaun Calderon, and a Police Officer, Officer Williams. The main protagonist being Freeze, the story is focused around him, despite the ability to play as all three of the characters during at least one point throughout the game. Freeze commits crimes with Shaun to get money, which he promptly spends for his family.

One night upon returning home, his wife confronts him about these actions. Saying they are a bad influence to their son, she wants him to stop. After an argument, he agrees. The next day, he tells Shaun he wants out of the game. Shaun levels a gun on Freeze, informing him that he must do one last "job"—a narcotics trade.

At the deal, Freeze finds the Colombian gang members dead, and police officer Maria Mendoza waiting. Freeze flees with the police in pursuit and loses them. Freeze then robs a bank until the police arrive. After a gun fight against the police, he finally reaches his getaway car only to be arrested after being hit by a nightstick.[citation needed]

Meanwhile, Mendoza informs Officer Williams of a new criminal, Shaun Calderon. They look for Shaun in his house (with a rookie) only to be found in a gun fight. Officer Williams then finds evidence and gets into Mendoza's car. Officer Williams goes to a club to find Shaun and chases him to the subway. Officer Williams then arrests Shaun but Mendoza kills him and tells Shaun to leave and go to Mexico.

Shaun goes to Tijuana and fights his way to a local club called "The Curtains Club". Shaun then robs a casino, fights security and goes to a wealthy man named Saragosa's penthouse. Shaun then kills him.

Freeze breaks out of jail and gets new clothes at the mall while being chased by the police. Freeze then kills Mendoza in the mall and hunts down Shaun then saying, "We used to be best friends, until you sold me out. Now, it's nothin' but flowers and a funeral for you, home boy", Freeze steps on Shaun's neck until he suffocates. The final scene shows Freeze telling Darnell, "From now on, it's just you and me against the world. Now let's do this." a large amount of police officers arrive, Freeze picks up a gun and points it at the police.[citation needed]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 42.93% (PC)

42.87% (Xbox)

41.67% (PS2)
Metacritic 41/100 (Xbox)

39/100 (PC)

39/100 (PS2)
Review scores
Publication Score
1UP.com D-
GameSpot 5.7/10 (PS2)/(Xbox) 5.6/10 (PC)
GameSpy 1.5/5 stars
IGN 3/10 (PS2)

3.1/10 (Xbox)

3.3/10 (PC)

25 to Life was received negatively by critics. Hyper's Maurice Branscombe comments that the game's soundtrack is okay only "if you like rap." However, he criticises the game as "absolutely unadulterated bullshit."[1]


Song Artist
"Black Cop" KRS-One
"Ghetto Star" 2Pac featuring Nutso
"Code of the Streets" Gang Starr
"Yes Yes Y'all" Geto Boys
"Run" Ghostface Killah featuring Jadakiss
"Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos" Public Enemy
"Enemies" Xzibit
"To the Finish" Jackpot
"Nolia Clap" UTP
"My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl" Tech N9ne
"Circa de Mi Neighborhood" Tego Calderón
"Bad Company" Grafh
"Prisonero" Shade Sheist & N.U.N.E.
"Shot-gun" Blaze Ya Dead Homie featuring Esham and Anybody Killa


  1. ^ Branscombe, Maurice (September 2007). "25 to Life". Hyper (Next Media) (167): 66. ISSN 1320-7458. 

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