25th Infantry Regiment (Argentina)

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The 25th Infantry Regiment (RI 25) is a unit of the Argentine Army based at Sarmiento, Chubut, Argentina. This regiment fought during the Falklands War. The commander of the regiment during the Malvinas War was Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Alí Seineldín, considered by many Argentines to be the 'father' of the Argentine commandos. The regiment participated in the Battle of Goose Green and it was considered a special forces-trained unit.[1]

  1. ^ "When warned that his regiment was earmarked for deployment to the Falklands, Seineldin renamed it the 25th 'Special' Infantry Regiment although Argentine journalists later christened it the Seineldin Commando Regiment. In Stanley he enlarged it to five companies of about 100 men each by adding D and E Companies. Most of the officers and NCOs were commandos and paratroopers and with a highly trained and motivated training team, he brought the best from his conscripts in a short but tough commando course." Van Der Bijl, 9 Battles to Stanley, p. 13