26th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)

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The 26th Division (第26師団 Dai-nijuroku Shidan?) was an infantry division in the Imperial Japanese Army. Its call sign was the Spring Division (泉兵団 Izumi Heidan?).


The 26th Division was raised in September 1937 out of the three independent infantry regiments from the original 11th Independent Mixed Brigade and reserve components various divisions based in Manchukuo. It has the distinction of being the first triangular division Japan formed. Intended initially as a garrison force to provide security for central Manchukuo, on July 4, 1938 it was attached to the forming Mongolia Garrison Army in Inner Mongolia. With the situation in the Pacific War against the United States becoming critical, in July 1944 it was transferred to the Japanese 14th Area Army based in Manila, Philippines. There it was largely annihilated at the subsequent Battle of Leyte.


The order of battle for the 26th Division included:

IJA 26th Division

  • 26th Infantry Brigade
    • 11th Independent Infantry Regiment (Tsu)
    • 12th Independent Infantry Regiment (Gifu)
    • 13th Independent Infantry Regiment (Shizuoka)
  • 11th Independent Field Artillery Regiment
  • 26th Engineering Regiment
  • 26th Transport Regiment

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