27th Infantry Division Sila

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The 27 Infantry Division "Sila" served in Second Italo-Abyssinian War and was reorganized as the 27 Motorised Division "Brescia" prior to the start of World War II.

Order of Battle Oct. 1935[edit]

  • XXVII Infantry Brigade
    • 16th Infantry Regiment "Savona"
    • 19th Infantry Regiment "Sila"
    • 20th Infantry Regiment "Sila"
  • 12th Artillery Regiment (3x artillery groups with 75/13)
  • 27th Machine Gun Battalion
  • 12th Engineers Company
  • 27th Signal Company
  • 27th Replacements Battalion
  • Divisional Service Units


  • Each Army Division in the Ethiopian Campaign had a Pack-Mules unit of 3000 mules and three Regimental Trucks units (20 light trucks each).

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