2894 (novel)

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Author Walter Browne
Country United States
Language English
Genre Utopian fiction Speculative fiction
Publisher G. W. Dillingham
Publication date
Media type Print

2894, or The Fossil Man (A Midwinter Night's Dream) is an 1894 utopian novel written by Walter Browne.[1] It is one entrant in the major wave of utopian and dystopian literature that characterized the final decades of the nineteenth century.[2][3]

The book deals with a reversal of the traditional gender roles, and describes a society of "dominant women and submissive men."[4] It is one of a group of speculative fiction works in its generation that took a position, pro or con, on feminism and gender roles.[5]

2894 is one of the rarest works in the English language.[6]


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