29th Brigade (Australia)

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29th Brigade
Active 1941–194?
Country  Australia
Branch Australian Army
Type Infantry
Size ~3,500 personnel
Part of 5th Division (1941–1944)
3rd Division (1944–1945)

World War II

The 29th Brigade was an infantry brigade of the Australian Army. Raised on 20 December 1941[1] during World War II as part of the Militia. Initially tasked with defending Townsville against possible invasion from the Japanese. In March 1942,[2] the brigade's three infantry battalions—the 15th, 42nd and 47th Battalions—began concentrating in Townsville where they formed part of the 5th Division.[3]

In January 1943 the brigade was deployed to New Guinea,[4] with the 42nd Battalion deployed to Milne Bay to relieve the 7th Brigade's, 61st Battalion.[citation needed] Later, in early 1944, the 15th Brigade assisted the 7th Division's operations around Lae, conducting patrols in the area until August 1944[4] when they were withdrawn to Australia for rest and re-organisation. The brigade was then subsequently assigned to the 3rd Division and took part in the Bougainville campaign.[4]

Assigned units[edit]

29th infantry brigade
29th infantry brigade banner

The 29th Brigade typically consisted of:

  • Brigade Headquarters;
    • 15th Battalion;
    • 42nd Battalion;
    • 47th Battalion;[5]
    • 11 Field Company RAE
    • 7 Field Ambulance AAMC
    • Supporting artillery, and other units.

Commanding officers[edit]

The following officers served as commanding officer of the 29th Brigade:

  • Brigadier Thomas Louch (1941–1942);
  • Brigadier Raymond Monaghan (1942–1945).[6]


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