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Background information
Birth name Stuart Tusspot
Also known as 2-D, Stu-Pot, Stuart Pot, 2 Dent
Born (1978-05-23) May 23, 1978 (age 35)
Origin Crawley, West Sussex, England, UK
Genres Alternative hip hop, alternative rock, trip-hop
Occupations Musician, singer, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, clavinet, melodica, guitar, panpipes
Years active 1997–present
Labels Parlophone, Virgin Records
Associated acts Gorillaz, Nathan Haines
Notable instruments

Stuart "2D" Pot (born Stuart Tusspot) is a fictional musician and member of the British virtual band, Gorillaz. He provides the lead vocals and plays the keyboard for the band. 2D's voice is provided by Blur frontman Damon Albarn on Gorillaz' recordings and performances, while in additional material, he is voiced by the actor Nelson De Freitas. He was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.


2D was born as Stuart Pot in the English county of Hertfordshire and raised in Crawley, West Sussex. His father David worked as a mechanic and fairground owner while his mother Rachel was a nurse. He hit his head as an 11 year old when falling from a tree, which caused his hair to fall out. When it grew back it was an azure blue. He did not put effort in at school and wondered what his career path would be. He first wanted to become a Storm Chaser and then he wanted to paint (inspired by Banksy's graffiti works). He developed an interest in machinery when he and his father customised his Casio VL-1 keyboard. His musical idol is Augustus Pablo and his favorite band is The Human League.

In 1997, Murdoc deliberately drove his Vauxhall Astra through the wall of a keyboard shop where 2D was working, in an attempt to ram-raid it and steal the synths. Murdoc's bumper crashed into 2-D's face, landing him with an eight-ball fracture in his right eye ball, and putting him into a deep catatonic state. Murdoc was arrested for theft and forced to care for the vegetated Stu-Pot as part of his sentence. A year later, in Murdoc's failed attempt to impress some women in a Tesco car park, 2D smashed through the windscreen and hit the curb face-first, fracturing his other eyeball. This knocked him out of his coma and also earned him the nickname "2D" from Murdoc, short for "Two Dents". 2D and Noodle are the only left handed members of Gorillaz.

On the Gorillaz website it was recently stated by 2D, in the Plastic Beach adventure game,[1] that Murdoc "kindly" had 2D gassed and shipped to Plastic Beach, where he was forced to sing for his new demos. He is currently living with his bandmates in an apartment in London, according to the DoYaThing video.

Role as musician[edit]

2D sings and plays keyboard. He can play guitar, as can Murdoc, but both leave it to Noodle. In most cases, 2D's singing voice is much lower than his warbly speaking voice. His vocal range is very wide, and he has sung everything from Baritone to a falsetto Soprano. All his singing voices are provided by Albarn, including the spoken verses in the 2005 hit Feel Good Inc. 2D apparently has had some influence in the lyric-writing process (as evidenced by the credits on the insert of the Gorillaz debut album, even though his intelligence is reputedly negligible). Apparently Murdoc has had Damon Albarn teach 2D from time to time to sing better than he already could, and apparently even sing in some of their songs, as stated in an NME interview with Damon.[1] 2D was featured on the songs "FM" by Nathan Haines and "Small Time Shot Away" by Massive Attack.

2D's looks have changed from Phase 1 to Phase 2. In Phase 1, 2D is seen with very geometric, and purple hair, unlike in Phase 2, where his hair has seemed to gain a more realistic, lined tone and has turned to an almost teal colour. Further, his shape in Phase 1 was almost ruler-straight; in Phase 2, he seemed to gain some tone and shape and wrinkles, making him look more realistic, compared to his Phase 1 appearance. In Phase 3 his appearance is much different in that he has a little more of a wrinkled texture to his face, but he still looks like a teenager.

As of 'DoYaThing', 2D now appears with a sky-blue colored haircut that is shorter and less spikey than his hair in previous phases.


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