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2X Software
Type Privately held company
Industry Software, IT
Founded 2005
Headquarters Gżira, Malta
Area served Worldwide
Products 2X Remote Application Server,
2X Mobile Device Management, 2X RDP Client
Website www.2x.com

2X Software is a Maltese software company specializing in virtual desktop, application virtualization, application delivery, Remote Desktop Services, remote access and Mobile Device Management.


2X Software is a privately held company, with offices in the United States, Germany, UK, Australia and Malta. 2X develops software for the server-based computing market, allowing application virtualization, remote desktop services and virtual desktop infrastructure to be consolidated and managed on a single server platform. Lately, with the acquisition of MDM from 3CX, the company has extended its portfolio to include mobile device management.[1][2]

2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS) reduces administration costs due to its ease of installation and maintenance, lowers energy and capital costs by requiring less hardware, and provides secure business continuity with load balancing, built-in redundancy, and SSL and two-step verification security.[3][4][5]

2X Mobile Device Management (2X MDM) is a solution for enterprise mobility management and mobile device management. It provides a set of tools to create a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy and reduce the risk of data leakage.[6]

2X Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and it also partners with IBM, Deepnet Security, 10Zig, Igel, Safenet, Novell, VMware and others.[7] It is a channel company based on partners and distributors. Over the last few years, several distribution agreements have been signed worldwide.[8][9][10][11][12]

2X Software won the 2013 European Seal of e-Excellence Award.[13] In 2014 it was a finalist for Best of TechEd 2014,[14] Govies Government Security Award 2014 [15] and Datacenter ICT Application Product of the Year.[16]


2X Remote Application Server[edit]

2X RAS delivers virtual desktops and Windows applications hosted on hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenApp, VMware vSphere and others,[17] to any remote mobile or desktop device, and grants access by username, group, IP or MAC address. It allows administrators to publish applications and virtual desktops from an all-in-one platform.[18]

2X RAS won Cloud Computing Magazine's 2012 Cloud Computing Excellence Award, and has received Commended status in the CRN 2011 awards program (Software Vendor of the Year category).[19] 2X RAS has also won the Government Security Award 2014[20] and has been named to CRN’s 2014 Virtualization 50 list.[21]

The latest version of 2X RAS was released at the beginning of August 2014. The main feature updates are the management of Windows PCs as pseudo thin clients, and remote assistance.[22][23]

2X RDP Client[edit]

2X RDP Client provides remote desktop and application access for any web-enabled device, including Android, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux OS, Windows Phone, MAC OS, HTML5 and iOS devices.[24][25] 2X RAS delivers Microsoft Office applications to any remote or local users on the major OSs.

2X RDP Client for Android is one of the most widely used [26] clients for RDP connection.[27] 70% of reviews on Google Play scored 5 stars.[28]

2X RDP Client connects to 2X RAS for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. With its replacement shell for Windows OS, 2X allows organizations to leverage legacy hardware by creating a virtual environment capable of hosting the latest version of Windows OS, transforming an old PC into a secured client workstation.[29]

2X Mobile Device Management[edit]

2X MDM is a mobile device management platform that enables businesses to address challenges associated with mobility such as data security, BYOD-related issues, application control and policy distribution.[30]

2X MDM reinforces a BYOD policy by supporting iPhones and iPads, Android and even Windows devices. BYOD is known to add administrative complications for IT management. When an employee-owned, consumer-oriented device is used for work-related purposes, issues such as privacy, control, policy distribution, security, and data protection need to be addressed to ensure that business data are protected while not compromising the device owner's personal data.[31]

2X MDM is available as hosted (SAAS) and on premises solutions.[32][33]

2X MDM - formerly known as 3CX Mobile Device Manager - was acquired by 2X on 12 June 2014 from 3CX.[34]


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